Meghan Burke ~ Senior Story

There are so few days left of my time at Trinity High School, and while the general expectation of this time would be excitement and anticipation, I can’t help but feel a wonderful sense of calmness towards the journey.  As such a sense is not a typical characteristic to me, I can only accredit this feeling to how well Trinity High School has prepared me for the future. In the four years that have passed all too fast, I learned not only how to be a successful student, but how to be a kinder person. I learned the value in being a leader, as well as the value in having an open mind. I learned that my ambitions were not only valid but that I could and must use them to be of service to others. Trinity does not merely tell girls to follow their dreams, it provides young women with the tools to do so. I see this as truth in my own life as well as my understanding of the young women I am so lucky to have as friends. Trinity has taught me how to speak and how to listen. It was here that my love for stories became an immense appreciation for literature, that my passion for the arts became a deeper understanding of the truth it can convey, and that my desire for travel became a plan to pursue International Relations at Saint Louis University. I am so thankful for Trinity High School and for the calmness that comes with knowing all that Trinity has given me.

Meghan Burke, Onahan Grade School, Chicago
Saint Louis University