Meet Jackie ’97 #MyTrinityJourney

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been fortunate to use the building blocks that Trinity provided me (knowledge, confidence, enduring friendships) to build a successful career as a physician with a focus in medical education. I’m a wife, a proud mother of two beautiful children and also happy to report my best friend at Trinity since Freshman year remains so to this day.

IB was integral to my achieving the above. It was through IB that I was pushed out of my academic comfort zone and shown that what I thought was my best, merely was the tip of the iceberg. I saw that limits that I thought I had were really arbitrary and nonexistent. I would reach what I thought was a plateau, and a teacher would push and show me that I could keep excelling. That mindset during my high school years formed the foundation as to how I tackle any challenge in life. I now know what limit I may think I have reached will only remain if I allow it to…so I don’t allow it (thank you TOK)!

To all those currently in IB, keep persevering. It’s hard, but anything worth having hardly ever comes easy. Just as you exercise your body to stay healthy, you are engaging your brain and sharpening its skills for what comes next after high school. You will be prepared for whatever the world brings you and it will be fortunate to receive the gifts you will bring to it.

Picture from THS 1997 Yearbook

Dr. Jackie Ivey-Brown ‘97
Jackie is Full-IB Diploma Student from Trinity’s first International Baccalaureate class