Meet Author Diana Kapp at Trinity

Diana Kapp, author of Girls Who Run The World: 31 CEOS Who Mean Business, will speak at Trinity on Tuesday, March 3 from 9:45 - 10:45 AM. Please fill out the below information if you would like to join us!
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In celebration of Women’s History Month, Diana Kapp, author of “Girls Who Run the World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business” will speak to students and faculty of Trinity High School in River Forest on Tuesday, March 3rd from 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM.

Trinity’s mission statement speaks perfectly to the tone of Diana’s book. The all-girl student body at Trinity is full of empowered, confident and independent young women. Through their journey at Trinity, students develop their voice and confidence to stand up for what they believe. They are empowered every day and told that they can do whatever they set out to do and be whatever they want to be. Trinity has a community of young women who are athletes and artists, scientists and actors.

Diana Kapp wanted to provide her daughter and girls around the world with role models and pioneering women of this age.  She wanted to show girls that they belong in leadership positions, inventing, creating, and founding companies.  Diana Kapp has set a tone for her daughter in this world just as Trinity has for their students.

When writing the book, Diana chose the CEOs so every different type of girl was able to find herself in the stories she wrote. She “picked artists, chemists and engineers; mediocre and A students; immigrant stories; women who didn’t even attend college, plus pedigreed types with degrees.” She preaches the idea that girls cannot be who they cannot see. This book highlights “the amazing risk-taking women CEOs who got it done- even when all they heard was “no’s” or they felt like they were in a room that they didn’t belong in.”