Maureen Dudzinski ~ Senior Story

I love Trinity.  Trinity has greatly shaped me into the person I am today.  At Trinity, there are countless and awesome opportunities to get involved in the community and find what you truly enjoy. I have played tennis all four years and have been actively involved in many clubs, and the National Art Honor Society as a presiding officer.  I’m partial IB: art, psychology, and math!  The Trinity community is definitely the thing I’m going to miss the most.  I have met some of the best and most influential people here.  The community is so supportive and willing to help you with absolutely anything.  Going to Trinity, an all-girls school, led me to become more confident in myself and in my education.  Being confident in myself and my education is super important, especially for a future career in science!  Thanks to the opportunities at Trinity, I am graduating with extra credits in science and math and was able to get into the Honors College at Bradley!  While picking a college, I looked for the same feeling I had when I first set foot in Trinity.  I found the same feeling while visiting Bradley University and I’m super excited to be a Brave!

Maureen Dudzinski, Oriole Park Grade School, Chicago
Bradley University, Illinois