Matti Oshin – Senior Story

Oshin_Matti“The thing I will miss the most about Trinity is the sense of sisterhood. I never had a sister, so going to Trinity made me feel like I had a bunch of sisters. My friends always have my back and I can talk to them about anything. If I attended a co-ed school, I don’t believe I would have the same sense of sisterhood that I have a Trinity. Whether it was walking on the lakefront for walk-a-thon or dancing at homecoming, we always were together. Trinity has changed me in so many ways. When I came to Trinity, I was a quiet freshman that wasn’t completely sure of her capability. I’m still quiet, but I’m not afraid to take action when needed. I never saw myself as a leader until I went to Trinity and became a Mazzuchelli Mentor and an Open House Leader. Trinity has made me realize the issues that affect our global community. Trinity teaches us to be cognizant of social issues and that we have a voice and the chance to make a difference. My next chapter in life will be very scary. Being a new adult in a world that isn’t perfect is extremely frightening. For seventeen and a half years my life has been planned out, but now it is my responsibility to chose my own path. Trinity has guided me down that path. From Trinity I will take away life lessons such as kindness, empathy, and of course, always being awesome.”

Matti Oshin, Grace Lutheran Grade School
Benedictine University