Mary Meo ~ Senior Story

Let me start off by saying that choosing to attend Trinity High School was probably the smartest decision that I have ever made in my life. I came into the doors of Trinity a timid fourteen-year-old girl, and I am leaving a resilient, powerful seventeen-year-old young woman who stands up for her beliefs and the beliefs of others around her. Trinity has taught me that I have a voice, and I need to use that voice to speak up when I encounter injustices within our world. I have been graciously provided with multiple opportunities to find my passions by being involved in Dance Club, Ambassadors Club, and Youth Ending Hunger. Throughout my four years at Trinity, I have grown emotionally, socially, and spiritually. In addition to this, I have discovered a great deal about myself. I discovered what I like to call “The Three C’s,” since Trinity likes to do everything in threes. I am a capable, compassionate, and courageous woman. Being educated in an all-female environment has allowed me to embody these three qualities, something that I will be forever grateful for. I cannot express to you enough how Trinity High School has impacted my life and will continue to impact my life throughout my next adventure as a BFA Dance Major at Ball State University.

Mary Meo, St. Vincent Grade School, Elmwood Park
Ball State University, Indiana