Marianna Sanchez – Senior Story

Sanchez_MariannaMy acceptance story is probably one of my favorite stories to tell. I will be attending Saint Mary’s College in the fall as a biology major. Saint Mary’s has always been my number one choice and is very important to my family. I was born committed to Saint Mary’s College as my sister is a proud Belle and I know Trinity has truly prepared me well for my journey. I was not influenced to go to Saint Mary’s even though we spent plenty of time there during my childhood. I still enjoy visiting and The Avenue never fails to make me feel at home. I started my application when it opened in August and had it turned in by September. Saint Mary’s was the only school I could ever see myself at so I did not turn in any other applications despite constant instructions to make a plan B. Saint Mary’s was my plan A, my only plan, I was determined to keep it that way. In December I received my acceptance letter and instantly sent in my deposit. It was a birthday present from Saint Mary’s that I will forever cherish.

Marianna Sanchez
St. Mary’s College, South Bend Indiana