Louise Gregory ~ Senior Stories

Gregory_LouiseWhen I started applying for college, I honestly didn’t know where I wanted to go. I thought that I had found the school I wanted to attend when I visited Yale, but when I received my acceptance to Notre Dame, a little part of me remembered that I had always wanted to go there. I initially had ruled it out due to finances. That all changed when I received Notre Dame’s very generous scholarship package which made it affordable for me to attend. Now I am able to attend the university I’ve been imagining myself at since I was little. Plus, I get to make my high school and my family proud.

What I’m going to miss most about Trinity is the IB Art program. That class was the most work I’ve ever had for any class, but it never felt like work. I got to express myself in every project and I am proud of everything I created. The teachers and students in the art rooms were supportive and positive about everyone’s work. They inspired and informed my creative process. The days spent creating in the art rooms are the highlight of my Trinity career. I will miss it dearly.

Louise Gregory, Ascension Grade School, Oak Park
University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana