Kelly James ~ Senior Story

Sophomore year I made the decision to transfer from Mother McAuley to Trinity. My closest friend attended Trinity and would tell me of all the fun experiences and opportunities she was given and I realized that where I was, was not where I was meant to be. Although anxious and nervous, I was excited to have a fresh start. I figured everyone already made their friend groups and that I was behind all of them. Coming in I was super shy because I thought it would be intimidating to make new friends. I was completely wrong because on my first day I met so many new people, made a lot of friends, and was welcomed by many. I never thought I’d feel so comfortable around people I just met. With only a short number of days left at Trinity, I’m going to miss the environment, excitement, and energy of Trinity. Throughout my years at Trinity, I have made more friendships than I could imagine and it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye to such wonderful women.

Kelly James, St Daniel the Prophet, Chicago

St. Xavier University, Chicago