Katie Faris ~ Senior Story

Four years ago, I would have never guessed that I would be the person I am today. Trinity High School has been my home for the past four years, and it has truly empowered me every day. As a young freshman girl, I was shy and quite reserved, but because of Trinity, I have completely broken out of my shell and turned into the confident and determined young women I am today.

Over these past four years, I have come to realize that the Trinity community is one of a kind and quite special, and you can’t get it anywhere else. I have made more memories than I can count, and each one now holds a special place in my heart. These past four years have truly been the best of my life, and I am so proud to call myself an empowered Trinity women. I am so proud of the women that I have become, and I am extremely excited of the places I will go and what my future will hold for me.

Thank you Trinity High School for allowing me to find out exactly who I want to be, preparing me for college, giving me countless memories and friendships, and forming me into the courageous, confident, and determined person I am today.

Katie Faris, St. Benedict Grade School, Chicago
University of Oregon