Kate Perschke ~ Senior Story

My college search led me to the Rocky Mountains where I will continue my education at Colorado State University studying art education. My family, friends, and I are ecstatic that I will be living in Colorado for the next four years. Much like high school, I will be the only graduate attending CSU. Trinity has prepared me to go outside of my comfort zone and embrace this big change that faces me and my classmates. With a bright, adventurous future ahead of me, I will forever cherish the memories and relationships I have formed over the past four years at Trinity. Because of Trinity, I am now the confident, goal-orientated, artistic woman I am today and will always be thankful for that! Trinity is my second home, and I will miss the teachers, faculty, and friends that I consider family very much. They have empowered me to be strong, independent, and stand up for my beliefs. Even though my next adventure will be nearly 1,000 miles away from Division and Lathrop, I know that I can count on the Trinity community to support me wherever I may be in the world.


Kate Perschke, Ebinger Grade School, Chicago

Colorado State University