Kate Cawley ~ Senior Story

When I first stepped into the halls of Trinity High School I was a shy, introverted freshman. As many of you know, at the beginning of each school year, the students, faculty, and staff celebrate a birthday, the birthday of none other than our mascot, Captain Blazer. I remember thinking this is the coolest thing in the entire world, and wanting to don the blue cape and wig. Throughout my freshman, sophomore and junior years during spirit week and at volleyball and basketball games, there was Captain Blazer rallying the crowd to cheer on the Blazers. A great honor was bestowed upon me at the end of my junior year when I was asked to don the cape of my favorite super-hero. This past year has been a thrill and a privilege to have my birthday celebrated in August, and to lead the awesome women at Trinity High School in supporting all of our sports teams. Now as my days as a Trinity High School senior wind to a close, I can honestly say that the cape and wig will forever be in my heart. Captain Blazer made something that may seem small into something worth doing. Thank you, Trinity High School for taking this shy, introverted freshman, and making me into the woman I am today. I am Captain Blazer.

Kate Cawley, St. Mary’s Grade School, Riverside
Hiram College, Ohio