Joseline Alvarez ~ Senior Story

Joseline Alvarez

Four years ago,  attending Trinity High School was a chore. Four years later, in 2019, attending Trinity High School has been nothing but an absolute privilege. Entering Trinity I didn’t know anyone, but in the time being here I’ve created a sisterhood with some of my closest peers and established relationships with all my teachers. Trinity challenged me, encouraged me, changed my perspective on the world, and helped me embrace the concept of being an empowered young woman. It was through Trinity’s community and support that I was able to achieve both athletic and academic success. Both my parents and grandparents are immigrants of this country who endured suffering and sacrifice so that their families would have better opportunities. All I can say is thank you, Trinity, for giving me the opportunity to make their sacrifice and pain worth it. Thank you for helping me make them proud.

Joseline Alvarez
Andrew Jackson Language Academy Grade School, Chicago
Loyola University, Chicago

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