Jacqueline Juarez ~ Senior Story

Juarez_JacquelineBeing a first generation student, going to college is something extremely important to me and my family. I didn’t plan on staying home and wanted to instead go to school in Boston, New York, or Atlanta which was a stressful but rewarding process. I knew my parents would be supportive of my decision and that Trinity would definitely prepare me for the challenges I have yet to face. These past four years were definitely not easy, but pulling through and being satisfied with my accomplishments and with the opportunities Trinity has offered me feels rewarding. The IB Program, teachers, friends, and overall environment Trinity has provided me with has helped me get where I am, excited to attend Emory University in Atlanta in the fall and a proud recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship.


Jacqueline Juarez, Heritage Middle School, Berwyn
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia