Ivonne Garcia ~ Senior Story

Garcia_IvonneI remember I was very on the fence when my mom told me about Trinity High School. I remember thinking, “An all girls school? Really? I didn’t even know they still made those!?”  Today, I know I would not have become the woman I am today without attending Trinity. Trinity helped me build relationships with other students that I know will last a lifetime. Without the staff and administration I do not believe I would have found my passion for technology. Organizations such as S.W.A.T. brought me out of my shell and prepared me for an internship during my junior year, and for a future in a male-orientated career. I applied to multiple schools with the best IT programs. It was a hard decision when it came to picking what university to attend this upcoming fall. With all the inspiration and motivation from my friends and teachers at Trinity, I chose DePaul University. Being a first generation student, I felt pressure throughout my entire high school life to become successful and accomplish the goals my parents never had the opportunity to do. Trinity has prepared me for a future in Computer Science and to demonstrate to the world women can do anything!

Ivonne Garcia, St. Francis of Rome, Cicero
DePaul University, Chicago