Isabella Roy ~ Senior Stories

Thinking back, I would not want to spend my four years of high school anywhere else but Trinity. I will forever thank Trinity for teaching me how to speak my mind and express my educational strength. There is a huge community of love and awesomeness and that is what I am truly going to miss the most. Another thing that I will miss during my college journey is the great relationships I have made with some of my best friends. I know all of those girls will forever be in my life, and I would like to thank Trinity for giving me the opportunity to be with them every day. A big influence that I had in choosing my future career was how all the teachers are so understanding and caring at Trinity. I came to the conclusion that Illinois State University would be my next home away from Trinity, and I would be studying Special Education. I want to help shape the minds of future generations to come just as the teachers at Trinity have done before me. Being at an all-girls school has helped me to be confident in all my answers and to always stand up for women and what is right.  Trinity has not only prepared me for my college career but also my life in the future in many ways. Trinity will always have such a huge impact on me and I truly have had the best time. Go Blazers!! I’ll miss you guys.

Isabell Roy, St. Celestine Grade School, Elmwood Park
Illinois State University