Grace ’12 #MyTrinityJourney

Since graduating from Trinity in 2012, I went to the University of Illinois where I graduated with two degrees, one in Psychology and one in communication, and a minor in business. During my time at school, I worked as a telemarketer collecting donations, which is where I found my passion for sales! 

Once I graduated from U of I, I got a job at the Kraft Heinz Company as a Business Development Management Trainee in Kansas City. It was a 6 month program in which I got to do a variety of analytical projects for the team I was working on. After that, I was an in-store Customer Retail Manager in the same market. 

I then got a promotion to be a Customer Sales Advisor up in Minneapolis, which basically I managed the money that my team could spend to run deals at various stores. I have since recently been promoted into a Customer Category Manager position, which is an account manager calling on an entire region managing about  $230MM of revenue. I also recently started working at the fitness studio that I frequent, Alchemy 365, as a Studio Lead associate with the hopes of becoming a coach in 2020!

It goes without saying that I could not have gotten when I am today without the education that I received at Trinity. I am beyond grateful for the confidence that going to an all-girls school gave me. I know that if I put 100% effort into something I can do it, even if it seems like it might be too advanced for me or something that I don’t know how to do. The IB program was also a great prep for college and life in general, as it taught me how to buckle down and get difficult tasks done in a timely fashion. I really did learn skills that I still use today while writing my IB essays that help me focus when I have a difficult task to do. 

Grace Cortina ’12