Grace Brick ~ Senior Story

Have you ever felt like you were just at home? That’s instantly how I felt when I walked through the doors of Trinity High School on the first day of freshman orientation on August 17th, 2013. I had just moved to Chicago and I was terrified. Right away, everyone was very inclusive. Suddenly, I realized this was home. Although there were ups (winning penny pitch sophomore year) and downs (those research papers), it always felt like home. I came in as a shy freshman girl and I am proudly leaving as an outgoing, confident young woman. I strongly believe that had I not gone to an all girls school, I would still be that shy little freshman I was four years ago. Similarly, when I walked on to St. Norbert College’s campus, I felt right at home. I first stepped on campus in July of 2016 and everyone was so joyful. Since then, I have been on campus twice and both times I have felt at home. I can especially thank my Trinity teachers (specifically Ms. Visser and Mrs. McBride) for inspiring me to continue my studies in Theology and Education. I am so proud to have made my home at Trinity through the 30+ clubs and organizations and the AWESOME teachers and students alike. Thank you, Trinity, for being my home for the past four years.

Grace Brick, Grade School, Convent of the Visitation, Minnesota
St. Norbert College, DePere, WI