Gabriela Estrada ~ Senior Stories

The first time I walked the halls of Trinity, I was a timid freshman who was nervous about what high school would entail, but I would soon learn that Trinity was full of awesome people who were there to help me succeed. Trinity is a place where any girl can fit in no matter what her personality or interests are. The best thing for me was going to an all-girls catholic high school because I was able to express myself in and out of the classroom. I have made so many great friendships over the last four years, and the one thing I will miss the most are the memories I shared with my friends and classmates. The friendships I have made at Trinity will last a lifetime because of the sisterhood I have formed with my amazing friends. Trinity has shaped me into the women I am today. I am no longer timid, but I am a strong independent woman who can speak for herself. Trinity has empowered me to express my beliefs and pursue the interests that I love. After my four years, Trinity has prepared me for the world ahead. Trinity has allowed my to be prepared academically, spiritually, and socially. I am grateful that I am able to call Trinity my home and I am now a woman who embodies knowledge, faith, and strength.

Gabriela Estrada, St. Mary’s Grade Schol, Riverside
Loyola University, Chicago, IL