Evangelin Young ~ Senior Story

It is surprising to me how fast my time as being a Blazer went and I am thrilled to call Trinity home. 

My start at Trinity was difficult and at times. I did not think I was going to make it.  Trinity was something very different to me. Through my year and four months here, I have learned to be more open and learned what it means to empower yourself and other women. I have learned the true meaning of connecting with your peers, your teachers, and even the community.

Even if I was only here for a single year and four months, I feel that I have attended Trinity for all four years.  It’s heartbreaking knowing that I soon will be cheering with another mascot.  However, it is a pleasure that I was given the opportunity to be a Blazer. I came to Trinity during the middle of my junior year, and I am proud of the person that Trinity has helped me become. Trinity is a school of empowerment, a school of honor, a school of community, a school of value, a school of growth, and most of all a school of faith. Trinity is a school that has gained admiration from young and old because at Trinity, Blazers can do great things and are encouraged to follow their dreams. Trinity is a school of welcoming and loving arms and that is what I can say I love the most. 

Trinity has helped me pick up the broken pieces that I had both school and family related. I am honored to be part of this loving community that has prepared me to further my education onto South Suburban College on a full ride scholarship. 

Evangelin Young, Jacob Beidler School, Chicago
South Suburban College, South Holland, Illinois