Erin Nelson ~ Senior Story

Nelson_ErinI feel that Trinity has prepared me for college and being out on my own.  I have decided that I will attend Illinois Institute of Technology next fall.  All together I was really back and forth between different schools that I wished to attend and talking to a couple of the teachers when I came back from a trip to both helped me realize that I really wanted to go to IIT.  I think that this was a perfect representation of how Trinity has helped me.  The teachers are always there for me and have instilled a confidence in me to reach out to teachers and advisers when in my college endeavors.

Other than that Trinity has also instilled a certain element of diversity in my life that I was not ready to lose yet.  It was a lesson that I had learned in my life and continuously strive to keep a part of it.  When I was choosing my school I was looking at what would be educationally best for an Architectual career, but I was also looking at the social learning that I would do while on campus.  Diversity at IIT is something that stood out to me in social learning but also spread to the classroom/ studio learning.

Lastly my friends are the reason that I stand a proud young woman in the world today that is fearless to any obstacles.  They have taught me about the world and myself especially.  I am always being pushed to be a better person and thrive and stand up for myself in the world.  One experience that I had while visiting over night at the IIT campus was a attending a recreational dodgeball game.  I walked over to the game with another prospective student who was very excited to participate.  When we entered the gym, only guys were playing the game.  My new friend started into the bleachers.  I questioned why she wasn’t joining the game and convinced her that just because we weren’t guys we could play too.  Once we started playing I noticed other girls started playing also.  Trinity has taught me to question: Why stand down when you can show your empowerment, knowledge and faith to the world and share it for all to see?  All of these experiences have given me great hope for my future and I will forever be thankful to the teachers, friends, classes, caring environment and instilling of women empowerment from Trinity that got me there.

Erin Nelson, St. Thecla Grade School
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago