Emma Potempa ~ Senior Story

In four years at Trinity, I have formed many friendships with classmates and teachers, all of whom have impacted my life. I have known that I wanted to attend Trinity since I was in 7th grade, partly because my sister attended Trinity. I knew about all the challenging classes and fun events, and so I finally shadowed to see if the place was what I had imagined. 

Walking around the Trinity halls as a freshman was a bit intimidating, but I did not feel that I was being judged. Everyone was friendly and open; Trinity really felt like a home away from home. In my senior year, I realized how much Trinity had changed me into an independent and strong young woman. When I took PE Leadership this year, I realized how much Trinity empowers young women to embody knowledge, faith, and strength. I know it is cliche to use Trinity’s mission statement, but I never realized how accurate it was until this year. Being a senior in high school has opened my eyes. Trinity helped me grow and set new standards for myself. I truly appreciate all that Trinity has done for me.

Emma Potempa, St. Vincent Ferrer Grade School, River Forest
The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign