Emma Hayes ~ Senior Story

Trinity High School has prepared me in many ways, other than just my education. I’ve learned how to stand up for what I believe in, how to step outside my comfort zone, and what it truly meant to be a friend. My voice grew stronger throughout my four years at Trinity. My freshmen year, I would keep to myself and go along with whatever someone told me to do. Now, I use my voice for my opinion to be heard and to fight for others who are still looking for their voice. As a freshman, I did not like trying new things. I wanted to be in the back, never be in any photos, and wait for someone to talk to me. Over the years, I joined clubs, played varsity basketball, and sat at different lunch tables making new friends every day.  If it was not for Trinity, I would not be stepping outside of my comfort zone by choosing a college I continue my academic and athletic career thirteen hours from home. I made so many memories at Trinity, but the one’s I’m gonna cherish the most are the ones I have made with my amazing friends along the way. Trinity is a place where it didn’t matter what religion I practice or what I wore, it was a place filled with girls creating memories together. It’s sad I am ending my story here at Trinity, but I am ready to carry what Trinity has taught me to my new home. At Misericordia University, I will share what I have learned at Trinity with others. I will take the strength, knowledge, and faith Trinity has taught me to the classroom and the basketball court. 
Emma Hayes, St. Benedict Grade School, Chicago
Misericordia University, University in Dallas, Pennsylvania