Emily Doyle ~ Senior Story

Doyle_EmilyGrowing up in Wisconsin, Virginia, and California, I never expected to end up at Trinity, but “OH SWEET BABY JESUS” (as Sister Michelle says) I am so glad I did. It is here that I have grown into the young woman I am today. I never dreamed of the opportunities it has provided me with or the friendships that I have made. As a freshman, I was shy, quiet, awkward, and naïve. Trinity and all the friends I have made here have shaped me into a confident, outgoing, open-minded, strong, and optimistic young woman. I am ready to face and conquer any challenge the future holds as I embark on my next adventure at the United States Naval Academy. I will also never forget the many memories I have with all the truly life-long friends I have made at Trinity, and can’t wait to continue making more memories!


Emily Doyle, St. Cyprian in Sunnyvale, Ca
United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD