Elizabeth Ptack ~ Senior Story

Ptack_ElizabethEver since I could remember, my plan was to attend a big university and be an English major.  However, after two summers of classes at the American Academy of Art, there was no where else I could see myself.  Trinity’s IB Art Program has really prepared me for an education and career in commercial art, and I am eternally grateful!  When I went in for my college interviews my admission counselor was amazed with Trinity’s art program.  She told me that my portfolio was more developed than most students my age.  I was accepted and enrolled after my second interview in September.  Having skipped the entire college application process was just another perk to going to my dream school!  I’ll miss Trinity a lot, especially the Theatre and Art departments.  But don’t worry, my sister will be a freshman in six short years!

Elizabeth Ptack, St. Celestine Grade School
American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois