Dominican University Awards TRINITY Students Tuition-Free Classes

Congratulations to the young women in Trinity’s Junior Class who were named Trinity-Dominican University Scholars. Dominican University offers Trinity students entering their senior year with a GPA of 3.7% or higher the opportunity to take freshman level courses and earn college credit at Dominican free of charge.
These students represent 45% of Trinity’s Junior Class. They are: Nicole Afable, Chryssa Athans, Maria Babich, Carly Barry, Monique Bontemps, Hannah Brown, Alexandra Brown, Kiera Bryant, Brittany Bura, Catherine Busam, Colleen Camarano, Mia Caponi, Colleen Chin, Katelyn Cole, Katie Connolly, Jordan Corsolini, Grace Cortina, Gina Cuevas, Ruby Daly, Amanda Donis, Meaghan Dressel, Myra Ebertsch, Annie Flatley, Emma Frith, Monica Garcia, Michelle Glazer, Lia Godinez, Kelleigh Harman McIntosh, Sarah Hasley, Coren Hayes, Keisha Helm, Claire Hogan, Olivia Jordan, Molly Krebs, Molly Kunkel, Alexandra Lamacki, Taylor Lang, Anupama Lukose, Ambria Mahomes, Caitlin Medina, Mia Morgan, Olivia Mott, Breanne O’Reilly, Tiffany Ortega, Elizabeth Pacer, Katie Palucci, Carolyn Paneral, Kathleen Planek, Megan Podkowa, Angelina Raimonde, Mary Rauh, Evelyn Reidy, Ariana Rodriguez, Jasmine Santiago, Samantha Schmitz, Courtney Schoneberger, Amanda Sifuentes-Rodriguez, Amelija Siliunas, Abigail Solano, Katie Sreenan, Ulana Stasula, Meredith Stopka, Allie Tobin, Brigid Townsend,

Dominican University and Trinity High School launched the collaborative Trinity-Dominican Scholars program in 2007 in recognition of their shared Dominican mission and to advance the educational opportunities of academically talented Trinity students. Through the program, Trinity students can get a head start on their college careers by taking tuition-free classes, be granted early admission to the university, and be awarded a $2,500 scholarship each year for up to four years. Trinity-Dominican Scholars may also participate in joint service projects with Dominican students and have full access to the university’s extensive library resources.

For more about the Trinity-Dominican Scholars Program click here.