Dimitra Gritzanis ~ Senior Story

Gritzanis_Dimitra“The second day of winter break is one that I will remember forever. It is the day I found out I had been accepted into Syracuse University. 3:00PM could not come any slower that day! Syracuse University was my dream school and now I have the pleasure of attending it. It is because of Trinity that I know I will be prepared~the rigorous workload, passionate teachers, and love from the community will set me apart from other students at Syracuse. I am confident that I will shine there and make a difference in that community as well. No matter where I end up, I know I will bring the Blazer spirit along with me! Although I will be bleeding orange next year, blue and white will always stay close to my heart!”

Dimitra Gritzanis, Franses Xavier Warde, Chicago
Syracuse University, New York