Dance Concert 2014

Spearheaded by Azizi Marshall, Theatre & Dance Director/Educator at Trinity High School, the theatre department has been creating an original musical since the fall of 2012 (two long years).
It all started with the musical theatre class. Seven students wrote twenty original songs in the course of nine weeks. Two Intro to Drama classes listened to the music and from those songs a story was born. Two Improv classes painstakingly edited and finalized the script! They became one with the characters in the show, improvised all of the dialog, tore apart the script, rewrote, added, and revised everything, then stitched it all back together. Film producer, Patrick Cadichon, helped them with plot and character development and killed off two of their characters and morphed them into one. Rick Airial, a recording artist and musical producer, helped the students with harmonies and accompaniments. They then recorded all 20 of the songs at a professional recording studio with musical producer Alex Cruz with Jungle Audio Engineering. This year’s dance classes listened to the songs and created original choreography.

On March 8 guests saw a sneak preview of the musical numbers from the original, student written musical Train. Train follows six main characters and their close friends and family as they travel from Chicago to New York City to follow their dreams, find love, and start a new life. The Dance Concert is your personal introduction to the characters from the show.

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