Clarissa Rivera ~ Senior Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an indecisive girl of diverse interests. My ten-year-old self wanted to be a veterinarian, my thirteen-year-old self was sure I would be a criminologist and my fifteen-year-old self was set on becoming a psychiatrist. Even now, my eighteen-year-old self is hesitantly treading down a path of uncertainty and confusion. The majority of my friends and classmates seem so in tune with their passions, or they at least have some idea of what they would like to do in the future. For me, there really wasn’t, and still isn’t,  a distinct path that I felt pulled towards. I know that I have a strong interest in the arts, politics, cultural diversity, and social justice issues, but I still cannot picture myself satisfying only one of these for the rest of my life. I equally enjoy all of them and am still accumulating new interests even now as I am about to enter college. In a sense, it is a little frightening not knowing where life will lead me in the years to come; however, my four years at Trinity taught me to embrace my curiosity and to discover new passions. Teachers and classmates encouraged me to take risks and never fear the unknown. Now, I’ll carry my curiosity with me on my journey to Northwestern University. College should not feel like a place that restricts or limits its students. It’s a place where we can delve into the vast pit of knowledge they make available to us and find who we truly are. I’ve come to terms with not being completely certain about my future because I know that with the solid foundation Trinity has helped me build, there is still time to continue exploring, discovering, and learning.

Clarissa Rivera, St. Frances of Rome Grade School, Cicero
Northwestern University, Chicago

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