7th & 8th Grade Art Workshop Saturday September 22

Inspired by the color and movement of Matisse’s “Gold Fish” painting and the brilliantly reflective work of Janet Fish, we will explore ways to artistically represent water, glass, and even fish in this multimedia workshop!

This event is open to 7th and 8th grade girls.

Walk-A-Thon 2018 – 9.28

Service Learning is integral to the education fabric at Trinity High School. In the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, young women are challenged to seek faith, knowledge and truth. We kick off each academic year with a campus wide day of Service – Blazers Philanthropy In Action Walk-A-Thon to orientate us to the wider community and its needs. Please help our students make a difference in our community and be self-directed toward responsible participation in the global community in order to impact society.

Trivia Night

Join us for Trivia Night!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Student Written Feminist Manifesto Performed at One Acts

In class, Trinity students wrote their own version of a Feminist Manifesto based off of Chimamanda Adiche’s Feminist Manifesto (which came out in 2016). They took excerpts from different students to create a combined group Feminist Manifesto that they performed at the One Acts. Click below for more information on the student written Feminist Manifesto.
“Women are facing major threats to their health, safety, and significant limits on their potential each and every day.  In our Women Studies courses with Ms. Ward, we learned about many injustices, ones that feel very far away and those that are very close to home, impacting our own lives as teenage women. Inspired by Chimamanda Adichie’s Feminist Manifesto, we wrote our own feminist manifestos on how best to navigate this complex world as women and how to effect change for the future. Since women are strongest when they work together, we will read a compilation of many students’ ideas, in order to offer suggestions for the Trinity student body as you nurture your inner feminists.

First off, let’s define what feminism is and what it is not. It is NOT an effort to threaten power or to degrade men. It is an effort to equalize power between sexes.  It IS the belief in the social, political and economic equality of both sexes. It IS the belief that women are equal human beings and therefore deserving of the same dignity and opportunities. Come closer to feminism and you will see how it can liberate our world.”

And it goes on from there with about a dozen different suggestions/teachings for men, women, young girls and young boys.


Class of 2018 Senior Stories

We are so proud of our Blazers~they were accepted to colleges/universities across the country. As our seniors complete their final month at Trinity, we’ve asked them to share their college admission/Trinity story with us. Our girls are unique, confident, and empowered! Look for new stories each day and take a peek into the lives of our Trinity Blazers!

We will add new stories daily.

Click here for 2018 Senior Stories

Bal Dominique 2018 ~ Check out the photos from the celebration!

Oh, what a night it was! Celebrating Trinity’s centennial with our sell-out crowd of almost 600, and surpassing our fundraising goal, is a testament to the dedication and beautiful legacy that our Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters created. Our alumnae, benefactors, faculty, families, and friends continue this tradition today. It is with this enthusiasm we launch into the next century with pride and an awe-inspiring vision.
As Sinsinawa Dominican founder Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P. said
“We have made no small plans.”
Thank you to all who joined us, contributed, volunteered, as well as those who think of and pray for Trinity on a daily basis.

Distinguished Alumnae Honored

On Friday, March 9th, three amazing alumnae will receive awards at the annual Distinguished Alumnae Awards Ceremony.  The Ceremony will take place at the all-school assembly at which time the alumnae will speak to the student body.