Meet Maddie #MyTrinityJourney

Meet Maddie H. ‘20. The start of Maddie‘s #TrinityJourney was a little different than most Trinity students. Maddie went to grade school at Saint Bridget Catholic School in Virginia. Her family moved to Illinois and she started researching high schools. Maddie chose Trinity for the welcoming, all-girls atmosphere, the International Baccalaureate program, and her positive shadow experience. Watch the video below as Maddie talks about the IB Art Journey that she and 34 of her classmates are part of at Trinity.

Meet Annabelle ’17 #MyTrinityJourney

“My journey at Trinity was very different from what I am doing now. I was more of an artist than a scientist. But I realize now that the lessons I learned apply to both. I think the path I’ve taken is a bit more unorthodox than I would have expected, but now I know that I wouldn’t have it any other way. Recently, I had the confidence to apply to a research position in Estonia, even though it wasn’t directly in line with my academic path or career intentions. Now I am pursuing a degree in Earth & Environmental Science at the University of Michigan. My advice: be bold, ask questions, and NEVER underestimate yourself.”

Annabella Fritts ’17, University of Michigan

Meet Parker ’20 #MyTrinityJourney

“I had no idea I would become so involved at Trinity!  When I first got here my passion was softball, but over the past three years, I discovered that there were other options to try. I participated in basketball, sailing, and service projects. I took classes in drama and choir and became more involved in Trinity’s art program. Last year I played Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, a task that freshman me would never have done. I still take pride in going out on the field and representing the Blazers each spring for softball, but I am grateful for all the other experiences that offered me windows through which I could see many possibilities.”

Parker Phillips ’20, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest

Grace ’12 #MyTrinityJourney

Since graduating from Trinity in 2012, I went to the University of Illinois where I graduated with two degrees, one in Psychology and one in communication, and a minor in business. During my time at school, I worked as a telemarketer collecting donations, which is where I found my passion for sales! 

Once I graduated from U of I, I got a job at the Kraft Heinz Company as a Business Development Management Trainee in Kansas City. It was a 6 month program in which I got to do a variety of analytical projects for the team I was working on. After that, I was an in-store Customer Retail Manager in the same market. 

I then got a promotion to be a Customer Sales Advisor up in Minneapolis, which basically I managed the money that my team could spend to run deals at various stores. I have since recently been promoted into a Customer Category Manager position, which is an account manager calling on an entire region managing about  $230MM of revenue. I also recently started working at the fitness studio that I frequent, Alchemy 365, as a Studio Lead associate with the hopes of becoming a coach in 2020!

It goes without saying that I could not have gotten when I am today without the education that I received at Trinity. I am beyond grateful for the confidence that going to an all-girls school gave me. I know that if I put 100% effort into something I can do it, even if it seems like it might be too advanced for me or something that I don’t know how to do. The IB program was also a great prep for college and life in general, as it taught me how to buckle down and get difficult tasks done in a timely fashion. I really did learn skills that I still use today while writing my IB essays that help me focus when I have a difficult task to do. 

Grace Cortina ’12

Meet Bi ’98 #MyTrinityJourney

“Words cannot express how invaluable the experiences were to not only be empowered by wonderful educators, peers, staff and advocates at Trinity on a daily basis, but to also have the opportunity to participate in the rigorous training of the International Baccalaureate Program. The curriculum was an impetus to challenge myself while building on fundamental principles that helped shaped my knowledge base and work ethic to prepare myself to pursue a career in medicine. Additionally, that light that has been ignited since then and the ability to now advocate for others through teaching, mentorship, and service continues to rejuvenate my perspective on life. I will be forever grateful towards the people and for the memories that shaped my Trinity days.” 

Bi Ade Awosika, MD, FACP, FHM

Meet Molly ’12 #MyTrinityJourney

Since Trinity, I graduated from Creighton University in May 2016 with a triple major in Medical Anthropology, Sociology (Applied Data Track), and Health Administration and Policy.  I then attended Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law and graduated in May 2019 with my Juris Doctor and Master of Public Administration.  Currently, I am working at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office as a soon to be Assistant State’s Attorney (I just found out this week that I passed the Illinois Bar Exam!).

Trinity has taught me one thing – I am awesome and I should not be ashamed of it.  During college and law school, I was told the following, “You are too overwhelming,” “You are too political,” “You are a crazy radical feminist,” “You are just a lot,” “Be quiet,” “You are such a party pooper,” “You take things too seriously.”  My response has always been – “If advocating on behalf of those who have experienced gender-based violence makes me too overwhelming for you, there is still a lot of work to be done in our society.”  

Trinity women – you are awesome.  As the late Maya Angelou has said, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”  

Molly Krebs ’12

Meet Jackie ’97 #MyTrinityJourney

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been fortunate to use the building blocks that Trinity provided me (knowledge, confidence, enduring friendships) to build a successful career as a physician with a focus in medical education. I’m a wife, a proud mother of two beautiful children and also happy to report my best friend at Trinity since Freshman year remains so to this day.

IB was integral to my achieving the above. It was through IB that I was pushed out of my academic comfort zone and shown that what I thought was my best, merely was the tip of the iceberg. I saw that limits that I thought I had were really arbitrary and nonexistent. I would reach what I thought was a plateau, and a teacher would push and show me that I could keep excelling. That mindset during my high school years formed the foundation as to how I tackle any challenge in life. I now know what limit I may think I have reached will only remain if I allow it to…so I don’t allow it (thank you TOK)!

To all those currently in IB, keep persevering. It’s hard, but anything worth having hardly ever comes easy. Just as you exercise your body to stay healthy, you are engaging your brain and sharpening its skills for what comes next after high school. You will be prepared for whatever the world brings you and it will be fortunate to receive the gifts you will bring to it.

Picture from THS 1997 Yearbook

Dr. Jackie Ivey-Brown ‘97
Jackie is Full-IB Diploma Student from Trinity’s first International Baccalaureate class