Olivia Ochoa ~ My Senior Story

Trinity provides a truly ineffable adventure. I am inexplicably grateful for this high school experience, despite the many obstacles presented in the last 4 years and in the last few months. Walking into the building years ago, I remember the plaid skirts and marble floors being the scariest thing in the world. Looking back on it, it isn’t quite so scary anymore. The intense IB teachers, stressful auditions for the musicals, and stark differences in socioeconomic statuses seem like a thing of the past. I’ve broken out of my shell, not afraid to show my strongest personality and voice my deepest opinions. As Trinity would like to say, I have transformed into an empowered woman. 

My gratitude for Trinity has grown beyond just my education. As a first generation Mexican-American student, I’ll be the first person in my family to graduate college. In the fall, I’ll find myself at Cornell University in New York. Thanks to the person Trinity has helped me become, I have also won the Posse scholarship, a full-tuition leadership scholarship that provides bountiful connections and networks in pre-collegiate training, on campus, and as an alumna. The interview and application process to get here, however, is something I will never forget. I was able to use my aforementioned strong personality and opinionated voice to get me through it, which lasted 5 months in total. Both in the college application journey and for the rest of my life, Trinity has given me the foundation and the tools to build myself up, to represent my family and my community.

Trinity has also provided me with my favorite place in the world. The auditorium not only functioned as a stage, but also as a lunch table, a bed to nap at, and the place where I feel most 100% myself. The theater department within Trinity has proved to be the greatest jewel of my high school experience. It is representative of Trinity’s inclusive and indefatigable community. 

Never again will I take for granted the support of such strong women. As cheesy as it may be, I cannot imagine myself being anything but a Blazer. I’m so grateful I’ve found my place in this community, and so grateful for the next four. Go Blazers and Go Big Red!

Olivia Ochoa, Cornell University
St Leonard Grade School, Berwyn

Sarah Mendelson ~ My Senior Story

Before walking through the doors of Trinity High School, I had no idea what a private education or environment would provide for me. As far as I knew, the only educational system I endured was public school. I thought my public high school was going to be my next milestone until I stepped foot into Trinity’s community for an open house. I was ready to let go of everything I knew about high school and was suddenly embraced with a loving community that made me feel like I was one of their very own students. Ever since that encounter, I wondered if Trinity could be my new future.

That possibility became my reality as I got accepted into the class of 2020 and began my path to be a graduating blazer student. At first, I was worried, barely any kids from my graduating eighth-grade class followed in my footsteps and also applied to Trinity. That feeling did not last for long, I began my first year playing for the volleyball team and instantly made long-lasting friends that I still talk to four years later. The athletic community really embraced me as a student-athlete and allowed me to flourish into a strong woman when I decided to enroll as a Full-IB candidate. You would think with the overwhelming schedule of my volleyball and swimming practices and the abundance of IB assessments with endless due dates that I would push myself over the edge, but you are never left alone at Trinity. If you were an IB student or not, no teacher would allow a student to give up. The support I had at Trinity was indescribable and I can say without a doubt that any student entering into the Trinity community will feel the same way as I did.

As my Trinity experience has come to end, I have received many awards and acceptances into countless clubs and honors societies. I have finished my journey as a Full-IB candidate despite the many obstacles I endured along the way. I found a passion I want to pursue; the likelihood of double majoring in Biology and Psychology to become a trauma physician. My next milestone will start at St. Norbert College. With the help of my college counselor Mrs. Granholm, Norberts will be my new forever home for the next four years. Though my journey as a student is beginning all over again, I will never forget where my passion for learning started. Thank you Trinity High school, for all you do! Stay Awesome, Blazers.

Sarah Mendelson, St. Norbert College
Elm Middle School

Carina Huerta ~ My Senior

As the end of my senior year came to an abrupt end, I did not anticipate preparing myself to reflect on my past four years at Trinity so early as I believed I had more to experience before I could finally look back. 

One of my first memories from Trinity was getting my first lock for my locker. I had been practicing on how to open it.  However, on my first day of school with the whole student body, I could not open it. I was too afraid to ask my senior locker neighbor for help, but she immediately noticed my struggle and offered to help. From that day forward, she became my mentor. This first interaction with an upperclassmen made me realize how different Trinity was from how a typical high school is portrayed; Trinity is the epitome of what a sisterhood is. My sophomore year, I decided to try out for the cross country team; the day of tryouts, the longtime members of the team told us that the team was like a family because we had dinners together and we supported one another during every race and practice. I found this to be extremely true; cross country gave me a sense of community that I looked forward to everyday, even at our 7am runs! 

In the process of continuing to embody Trinity’s mission of guiding and inspiring all, earlier this year, an underclassman friend of mine encouraged me to compete for the school’s Poetry Out Loud competition. To my surprise, I was chosen to represent Trinity at the Regional Level. This was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had and to think I never would have tried out had Trinity not shown me how to be a confident, courageous woman.  

Before coming to Trinity, I would describe myself as a shy, quiet person who would never step out of her comfort zone. Fast forward four years and I will tell you that presently, I am a confident woman who is not afraid to speak up and try new things. As a full IB student, I feel that I have been well prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead for me. While I know that my future in engineering may be challenging, I know that I will be empowered to continue being the confident leader that Trinity has shaped me into.  

Trinity has challenged me in various ways. They’ve introduced me to some of the most AWESOME people, as Sister Michelle would say, and given me the tools needed to be anyone I want to be. I am thankful to Trinity High School for giving me the best education and experiences. Lastly, I am grateful to Trinity for giving me a family that made saying goodbye so difficult. 

Carina I. Huerta, University of Illinois at Chicago; Bioengineering 
St. Daniel the Prophet School, Chicago 

Parker Phillips ~ My Trinity Story

My experience at Trinity has been a lot like the bike rides that I took to get there: windy and a little sweaty, but rewarding. I never really knew much about Trinity until my seventh grade year when two of my best friends asked me to shadow with them at Trinity. Five years later and I couldn’t be more happy that they did. I shadowed during spring spirit week and was immediately exposed to the pride, sisterhood and love each blazer possesses. Of course, I was also exposed to temporary deafness. This pride did not falter by the time my freshman year rolled around, as my freshman class was greeted with the same energy I saw two years prior. Every student host was friendly and apparently more excited than even I was for my freshman year to begin. I had no idea that I would soon be even more passionate about Trinity than they were, and would cheer even louder than they did in the company of my friends. I may be biased, but I think the class of 2020 is the most spirited class to walk the Trinity halls. We packed gyms together, sang together and even painted ourselves to show our school pride. More than anything, Trinity has taught me to take pride in everything I do. Whether its singing on the stage dressed in a crab costume, or running around the bases after a solid hit, Trinity has given me the opportunity to represent more than just myself. Trinity really is my second home, my extended family, and I am so lucky to represent such a great institution. I am excited to carry a sense of Trinity pride with me to college, and I know it won’t be long until my bike and I come back for a visit. 

Parker Phillips< Roosevelt Middle School
Wellesley College, MA

Erika Estrada~My Senior Story

If I could describe Trinity High School in one word, I would choose the word home. I never thought my family could get any bigger until I took my first step into the halls of Trinity. I am so blessed to be a part of such an empowering, loving, and strong community that pushed me every single day to be the best person I could be. Trinity showed me that I am capable of anything and everything because nothing is impossible at Trinity High School. Four years ago, if you told me that my senior year would end like this, I would never have missed a day of school; every single day I spent in that building made me a better student and person. Even on my worst days, my Trinity sisters never failed to put a smile on my face. The energy from being in the bleachers at a sporting event or the love you felt after giving a presentation you were nervous about is what makes Trinity special. I was able to express myself and feel supported and make a mistake without judgment which all led me to become the leader I am today. Even now with my Trinity experience being cut short I can still feel the love and support from faculty, staff, and my fellow peers because even when we are apart we are together. I would not trade my experience at Trinity for the world, and the friendships I have made here will last a lifetime. The memories I have created here will never fade, and I will always be so proud to call myself a Blazer. There are not enough words to properly thank the entire Trinity community for making me who I am today. I feel so empowered and prepared for the next chapter in my life, thank you Trinity.

Erika Estrada, Loyola University Chicago
St. Marys in Riverside

Mia Ruggiero ~ My Senior Story

Ever since I was a little girl I knew that Trinity High School was where I wanted to go. I saw how it shaped young women into strong confident leaders and I couldn’t wait for that transformation to happen to me. I got butterflies the moment I stepped into the Trinity auditorium for my freshman orientation because I knew that I was at my dream school. They said that these 4 years are going to fly by but I didn’t believe them. Now four years later I am a senior who is about to graduate from my dream school. Trinity gave me a strong sense of community especially from the soccer team and the teachers. Playing soccer since freshman year has shaped me into the leader that I am today on and off the soccer field. The teachers helped me gain the confidence to speak my mind and helped me to realize what was important to me.

I can’t wait to build upon these skills at Augustana College where I am going to major in kinesiology and play soccer. I am happy that I spent my four years at Trinity and I am happy that I am able to call Trinity my home away from home. Thank you for giving me some of the best memories.

Mia Ruggiero, Augustana College
St. Vincent Grade School, River Forest

Scarlett Saenz ~ My Senior Story

Within the walls of Trinity High School I have learned and grown so much as a young woman. One of the biggest lessons that Trinity has taught me is what it means to be an empowered woman. Trinity has taught me that an empowered woman is one who chases her dreams and a woman who supports others selflessly. An empowered woman does not give up when obstacles are thrown her way and she is passionate about the world around her.  When I look at my peers and all that they have accomplished and all of their dreams and aspirations, I can see that Trinity has empowered them to reach high and to be resilient women as well. I’m proud to have been a part of Trinity’s class of 2020, because when times get hard we grow stronger & closer, and we never let anything stop us from enjoying ourselves and from making the best out of every moment. 

As I look back and reflect on my four years at Trinity I can see how much I have changed since the fall of 2016. During the past four years I have learned a lot about the world, but also about myself. I would have never seen myself pursuing a career in medicine because I was always discouraged by the rigor and extensiveness of the medical field, but Trinity taught me that I should never let anything discourage me from chasing my dreams. I never imagined that this would be the way my time at Trinity would end. I have so many memories to look back on and cherish but I also have so much to look forward to at my future home, the University of Iowa. I’m very excited to be majoring in Interdepartmental Studies: Health Sciences with a minor in Gender & Women’s Studies on a Pre-Med track. 

Scarlett Lluvia Saenz, University of Iowa
Unity Middle School, Cicero

Heather Shortall~My Senior Story

Trinity will always be a place I can call home. Coming to Trinity I was not sure what to expect and did not know how I felt about going to an all girls school. I can now say that going to Trinity was the best decision I made. Trinity taught me how to be a strong, confident, independent woman that will always stand up for what they believe in. Throughout my four years at Trinity I have made so many friendships and memories that I will never forget. I joined many clubs such as Be a S.A.I.N.T., National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and Blazers Seeking Justice. There will be so many things that I will miss from dances to sporting events, Trinity always made a way to make everything special. I will especially miss putting on a Trinity softball uniform, blasting music before games, and getting to compete knowing that all my teammates had my back. Sadly our senior softball season ended before it could start, but I know I will always cherish the time and dedication I put into playing. I will forever be grateful for my time at Trinity. This fall I will be attending Southern Illinois in Carbondale, I plan on studying pre-physical therapy there. I want to continue to pursue my love for biology that I developed throughout high school.

Heather Shortall, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Forest Park Middle School

Isabella Parravicini ~ My Senior Story

The moment I walked into Trinity I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and love. At first, I was skeptical of attending because I didn’t want to go just because my sister graduated from there. I wanted to make sure it could be my home as well. My first day at Trinity came along and my first thought was how was I supposed to leave my favorite place and all of my best friends after four short years. Well to tell you the truth, I still have no idea how I am supposed to leave my second home. I am going to miss spirit week, dancing at homecoming, and singing the alma mater. When seniors tell you that high school flies by, they mean it. I feel like I blinked and now here I am a senior, preparing to go off to college. Sadly, the class of 2020 was unable to get the typical last month of high school fun due to coronavirus. I have had my nights where I cry and text my best friends wishing we could just get one more day together. This obstacle has taught me to not take any more moments for granted and to appreciate the life we are given. It has also shown me that Trinity has prepared me to overcome any challenges that come my way. In the fall, I will be attending the University of Dayton and will continue to use all the tools Trinity High School has given me. Thank you for everything Trinity. Forever a Blazer. 

Isabella Parravicini, University of Dayton 
Saint Eugene School 

Alexandra Morelli ~ My Senior Story

The past four years at Trinity have been very important for me. I have met so many empowered young women and have learned to be one myself. The thing I will miss most about Trinity is not being able to see my favorite classmates and teachers every day. I will miss working on theater sets, singing with the choir, and running with the track and cross country teams. Even though my senior year at Trinity has been disrupted, I know I have learned valuable lessons.

When I first learned I would be attending Trinity High School I didn’t know what to expect. I am glad I attended Trinity because Trinity has taught me to not be afraid of making my voice heard. I know that I will be better prepared for college and the world.

Alexandra Morelli, Dominican University
Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest