Carina Rodriguez ~ Senior Story

Halfway through my high school career, I made the decision to transfer to Trinity High School. Transitioning from public to private school was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. However, I was welcomed with open arms among the Trinity community. The welcoming atmosphere shed nothing but warmth and compassion. Quickly the Blazer Nation began to grow on me, and each day I realized how lucky I was to be apart of the Trinity family. Unlike any other community, I knew Trinity would become my second home. Within the past two years of attending Trinity, I have grown more confident, both academically and spiritually. I will forever be grateful for the teachers that guided me along my high school journey, as well the significant mentors that led me to success each and every day. I have met some of the greatest individuals from all over the city of Chicago, and alumnae nationwide. The sisterhood I share with my peers is something I will carry and cherish for the rest of my life!

Carina Rodriguez, Westfield Middle School, Bloomingdale
DePaul University, Chicago

Michela Del Santo ~ Senior Story

Senior year is the year of lasts.  Whether it is the last spirit week, last Walk-a-thon, last game of the sport you love, last homecoming, last class with a favorite teacher, last performance, or last Starbucks run on a late start day, these events come with an overabundance of emotions.  Although my journey to academic and personal success at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh awaits me in the fall, it is difficult to think of a life without Trinity, my home for the last four years. I firmly believe that Trinity gave me the foundation I needed to be confident in myself.  My transformation from a shy and insecure freshman to an outspoken and independent senior is directly attributed to the teachers who inspired me to be passionate about learning, the classmates who supported me throughout the IB Diploma Program, the friends who brought out my most authentic self, and the teammates who pushed me beyond my limits on the softball field.  I have never felt so loved and accepted by a community of people. Through this feeling of love and acceptance, I am able to be my true self unapologetically. I am proud of the woman I have become. This unwavering confidence I have gained is something I will carry with me through college and the rest of my life.

Michela DelSanto, St. Celestine, Elmwood Park
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Bethany Bura ~ Senior Story

Being the younger sister of two Trinity alumna, I was exposed to Trinity women at a young age. My sisters have always been such influential role models and I was always so admirable of their academic excellence, ambition, and confidence. Seeing the way Trinity shaped them as young women, I knew that was something I wanted to experience myself. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to choose where I wanted to attend high school. After visiting different schools, I knew I would not be able to see myself anywhere but Trinity. Choosing Trinity has truly been the greatest decision I have ever made and I am forever grateful for the impact it has had on me. I have met so many amazing women over the course of four years and have formed countless bonds that I know will last a lifetime. I have also had the privilege of being taught by such nurturing teachers who strive to see nothing but success in their students. As my days at Trinity come to a close and I dread saying goodbye to the place I call my second home, I think about how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. I especially want to thank all of my trin sisters for making my high school experience so vibrant and exciting, there was never a dull moment when it came to the class of 2019. May the rest of our lives be the best of our lives.

Bethany Bura, Saint Daniel the Prophet, Chicago
Saint Xavier University- Nursing

Kaitlynn Caporale ~ Senior Story

Four years ago, I had no idea that Trinity High School would be the place that I would call home.  I did not know what to expect on my first day, but I was very thankful that I had four friends from my grade school with me.  I was quite nervous to meet new people. My time here at Trinity has broken me out of the shell that surrounded me when I first arrived freshman year.  Over the years, my teachers and fellow classmates slowly helped me go from a shy freshman to a blossoming senior.

I am beyond appreciative for the friendships that I have made.  I will carry all of the memories, opportunities, and friendships from the past four years with me to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  These have truly been the best four years of my life and I am so proud to say that Trinity has formed me into the determined and courageous person I am today.  I appreciate the people that have been by my side since the beginning: my family, friends, teachers, coaches, and the softball team. Thank you Trinity High School for preparing me for college, granting me with memories, and encouraging me to be strong.

Kaitlyn Caporale, St. Celestine Grade School
The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Bryanna Tapia ~ Senior Stories

When I started looking at high schools, I never imagined myself at an all-girl school. However, I also never imagined myself at another school. Starting my freshman year, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect at all. I was a shy and quiet girl who never spoke up in class. Trinity has helped me grow into the much more confident person I am today. I’ve come far from being that shy and quiet girl, though some people might argue that I still am. Every time someone asks me where I go to high school I always say “Trinity High School” with the biggest smile on my face. When people also ask me if I love it, my eyes light up and I say “yes, very much” and go on to tell them how much I love Trinity. I am proud to say that I will soon be a graduate of such an awesome school. As my time at Trinity comes to an end, it is a bittersweet feeling for me. I am very sad that I will have to leave what I have come to know as my second home, but I am also happy to start the next phase of my life. Trinity has given me the opportunity to figure out who I am. It helped me find my love for dance by being a part of the Trinity Dance Team for four years, being a member of the Blazerette Dance Club and being a member of the 2019 IB Dance senior class. Trinity also introduced me to my amazing classmates. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Four years ago I decided to attend what I thought was the best high school, now I know that Trinity was the best choice for me. Trinity has prepared me for the next four years as I attend Marquette University. Trinity is truly like no other and these past four years have been the best.

Bryanna Tapia, St. Frances of Rome, Cicero
Marquette University, Chick Evans Scholar

Alandra Zuniga ~ Senior Story

My sixth-grade year was when I knew I wanted to attend Trinity High School. My aunt, Paulie Koroluk ’15, took me to many Trinity events. From basketball games, watching the play “Little Shop of Horrors,” to attending the Trinity Blazers Workout Workshop over the summer, I knew I wanted to be a Trinity Blazer just like her and her peers. Unfortunately, I moved out to California and attended the coed public schools. I moved back home and transferred into Trinity halfway through my sophomore year. It was a challenge at first; Trinity’s classes felt beyond rigorous. The girls were so educated and confident and that was something that my previous co-ed high school lacked. Trinity has taught me so much my three and a half years here, not just through education, but through friendships and athletics. I have made so many friends here that they have become sisters to me. During softball season we are not just a program we are a family. These young women have helped me find my voice and built up my confidence. Although it is a bittersweet time as my senior year comes to an end, knowing it is my last time walking these halls, my last time putting on my school and softball uniform; I am forever grateful for this experience. I have been blessed with an excellent education, amazing classmates, and teammates. Trinity has prepared me for college and the real world. Now I will be a college student-athlete, and I cannot thank my family, the staff, and the girls here at Trinity enough for all they have done. Trinity truly does empower young women to be leaders who embody knowledge, faith, and strength. 

Alandra Zuniga, Wilson Middle School, Exeter, California
Lincoln College, Lincoln, Illinois

Alex Lukas ~ Senior Stories

I remember the feeling of apprehension and dread as I walked through the doors of Trinity on the first day of school my freshman year. It’s hard to believe that I once was a shy, nervous freshman with braces, too thick of hair, and an athletically focused mindset. In many ways, I came in with pre-set expectations of what high school was supposed to be. I was supposed to focus on basketball, succeed in my classes, and maybe try a few clubs along the way. However, my experience at Trinity not only exceeded my expectations, it entirely transformed my identity.

Throughout my four years at Trinity, I have grown tremendously as an individual and as a leader. I have taken challenging courses as an IB Diploma student that have not only introduced me to new material but shaped and strengthened my perspective on a variety of outlooks. I’ve been able to form a flag football club, serve as President of the Ronald McDonald Teen Advisory Board at Loyola, work as an assistant editor for this year’s edition of Wyndword, serve as a co-president on the National Honor Society, and attend KAIROS as a leader. Trinity has provided me with incredible opportunities to develop my sense of self and delve into my passions through these four years. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that I was once a timid and overwhelmed freshman – I mean, I dressed up as Avril Lavigne this year for Halloween and ran through the cafeteria singing “Sk8r Boi.”

Most importantly, Trinity has given me a powerful voice in my development as a young woman. I am no longer nervous about sharing my beliefs, ideas, or thoughts, and I am confident that Trinity has provided me the strength to flourish in my future. This fall, I will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign as a member of the Business Honors Program. I am so incredibly excited about my future and so thankful that I was able to call Trinity High School “home” for the past four years.

Alexandra Lukas, Hauser Junior High, Riverside, IL
The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Cate Cahill ~ Senior Story

In 1952, Maureen Murphy walked the stage and earned her high school diploma. She’s been wearing her Trinity pride for over 70 years. Flash forward those 70 some years, her granddaughter Cate Cahill walks the stage to receive her own diploma. I am Cate Cahill. While I lived through my own experience as a Trinity High School student, I recognize my grandmother throughout my 4 years here as a young woman.

I would have never imagined traveling one hour every weekday for 4 years to receive an education, but here I am; from Canaryville, Chicago, to River Forest. Even though the distance, I was able to join athletic teams. Freshman to junior year, I played lacrosse, was nominated as JV captain sophomore year, and for all four years, I played tennis, being nominated JV captain sophomore year and one of the Varsity captains senior year. I graduated my small K-8th-grade grammar school as the Student Body President. Years before I was consecutively nominated as a student council officer. My pursuit of leadership possibilities continued at Trinity. On top of being nominated as a sports captain, I was placed on Senior Class Council, lead shadows my freshman and sophomore year, lead families on open house tours, and was even asked to be a counselor for Trinity’s Passport Summer Camp. I owe it all to my teachers and family.

In all of my years at Trinity, there has always been a teacher on my side. They challenged me in ways that would ultimately prepare me for what’s to come in the next chapter of my life at Augustana College. Mrs. McBride taught me to be kind towards everyone. Ms. Mezyk showed me that I know more than I gave myself credit for. Mrs. Klein made me aware of the impact I have on my peers and society. Mrs. Bennett taught me to work collectively with my peers and to always consider different ways to approach situations. I apply these concepts in and out of the classroom and it makes a difference in every interaction I have with anyone I encounter.

My family, likewise, raised me to be aware of all of those concepts I was particularly exposed to at Trinity, but mostly, through love and support, they taught me to always be myself. No matter what, my family provided me with limitless opportunities. As a musician, they support me at every gig, whether it’s in Canaryville, Barrington, or at the Blazer Showcase, they’ve been there. Since I don’t have my driver’s license, my mom, dad, and brother have driven me to events. They made my 4 years at Trinity memorable. They took the time out of their busy days to make sure I took advantage of the little time I had with my class before our time together came to a close. Because of them, I’m eternally grateful; they allowed me to pursue Trinity, they support me unconditionally, and they’ve loved and been proud of me for all that I’ve accomplished while at Trinity.

As this year comes a close, I won’t see the remarkable friends I’ve made at Trinity every day, but it’s okay. They’re all going their own paths in different directions; from Oregon to Washington D. C., from California to Illinois. However, our memories will never fade. Throughout these 4 years, I saw my friends and acquaintances find themselves through opportunities Trinity provided. I saw my classmates challenging, teaching, and learning from each other. I saw each young woman inspired by the next. I saw a community like no other that I am eternally grateful to be a part of. Trinity changed my life. It brought me hope, strength, knowledge, and compassion. I owe my success beyond the walls of this school to this beautiful community.

Cate Cahill, Mark Sheridan Grade School, Chicago
Augustana College,

Austyn Smith ~ Senior Story

Trinity has had a huge impact on my life. When I first started at Trinity High School, I was very shy and not share much with anyone. Now I am outgoing and I not afraid to share with anyone. The students, faculty, and staff members all helped by accepting me for who I am. They
motivated and encouraged me to be the best I can possibly be and I am extremely thankful for everyone. I am proud to call myself a Blazer. Trinity not only provides the students with a great education but is a great community. Blazers are awesome, athletic in different ways, and strong leaders who embody knowledge, faith, and strength. No matter where I go or what happens in my future, I will always remember the Trinity community. I will miss all of the faculty and staff who made an impact on my education, as well as my friends who supported me along the way. So, thank you to the whole Trinity community for these AWESOME four years! 

Austyn Smith, St. Luke School
Triton College

Emely Martinez ~ Senior Story

Stepping foot into Trinity, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. As the first few days of freshman year rolled around, I often questioned if choosing a small, all girls institute with a block schedule was the right decision. Four years later, this is one of the best choices I have made. Reminiscing on freshman year, I did not have a single clue that the next 4 years would pass in the blink of an eye. Freshman year I was placed on the varsity softball team. I was the only freshman playing alongside upperclassman. It was like learning how to run before I was able to walk. Since then I have felt this great sense of community from not only my teammates and coaches but the entire Trinity Community as well. That’s when I truly felt welcomed. Although I have faced my obstacles throughout my athletic career, I feel as if Trinity has encouraged me to embrace the downfalls and has taught me that in order to succeed one must face failure first. Now, in my senior year, as I begin to move forward into this new beginning as a Cougar at Saint Xavier University, I’ve embraced the importance of being confident and independent. Trinity has instilled in me the qualities of being a leader. I was never the person with the most spirit or the loudest voice, but my actions spoke louder than anything. My freshman year, I would have never thought of speaking up during class or volunteer to present a presentation in front of my peers. Now, I am the first to volunteer and speak up during class discussions no matter the topic. Trinity taught me to be a leader in a way that suits my personality. It taught me to be confident in who I am and the person I am becoming. Looking now at my senior year of high school I have grown into a strong young woman. The biggest obstacle leaving Trinity behind are the incredible memories with classmates as well as teammates. As I prepare to close this amazing chapter in my life, I may not be moving away from home, but I am leaving my home away from home & that is Trinity High School.

Emely Martinez, St. Joseph Grade School, Summit
St Xavier University, Chicago