Sarah Murphy ~ Senior Story

In the four years that I’ve attended Trinity, I believe that I have learned more than I would have anywhere else. Being able to be apart of the IB Diploma program, while difficult, allowed me to gain skills vital skills for life out of high school. Trinity has also allowed me to meet my forever friends that I am confident I will stay in touch with no matter where life takes us. Without the amazing girls, teachers, and other faculty members I have met during my time at Trinity, I would not be the same person I am today. They have enabled me to become a strong, independent woman, making me no longer afraid to share my opinions or be my authentic self. 

Sarah Murphy, Ascension Grade School
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rachel Murphy ~ Senior Story

Coming in freshman year I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I only knew a few people from my grade school and we were separated almost immediately when we received our homeroom assignments. However, the orientation leaders, and of course Mrs. Bedell, were so enthusiastic and welcoming. It was easy to talk to the other girls and we clicked right away. From that point on, I knew Trinity was the best choice I made for myself. I have made many friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Trinity also provided me with a safe environment that allowed me to break out of my shell and become a more confident young woman. I am able to express my opinions and beliefs without fear of being judged by others, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Rachel Murphy, Ascension Grade School
Purdue University

Kelly James ~ Senior Story

Sophomore year I made the decision to transfer from Mother McAuley to Trinity. My closest friend attended Trinity and would tell me of all the fun experiences and opportunities she was given and I realized that where I was, was not where I was meant to be. Although anxious and nervous, I was excited to have a fresh start. I figured everyone already made their friend groups and that I was behind all of them. Coming in I was super shy because I thought it would be intimidating to make new friends. I was completely wrong because on my first day I met so many new people, made a lot of friends, and was welcomed by many. I never thought I’d feel so comfortable around people I just met. With only a short number of days left at Trinity, I’m going to miss the environment, excitement, and energy of Trinity. Throughout my years at Trinity, I have made more friendships than I could imagine and it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye to such wonderful women.

Kelly James, St Daniel the Prophet, Chicago

St. Xavier University, Chicago  

Katie Faris ~ Senior Story

Four years ago, I would have never guessed that I would be the person I am today. Trinity High School has been my home for the past four years, and it has truly empowered me every day. As a young freshman girl, I was shy and quite reserved, but because of Trinity, I have completely broken out of my shell and turned into the confident and determined young women I am today.

Over these past four years, I have come to realize that the Trinity community is one of a kind and quite special, and you can’t get it anywhere else. I have made more memories than I can count, and each one now holds a special place in my heart. These past four years have truly been the best of my life, and I am so proud to call myself an empowered Trinity women. I am so proud of the women that I have become, and I am extremely excited of the places I will go and what my future will hold for me.

Thank you Trinity High School for allowing me to find out exactly who I want to be, preparing me for college, giving me countless memories and friendships, and forming me into the courageous, confident, and determined person I am today.

Katie Faris, St. Benedict Grade School, Chicago
University of Oregon

Alexandra O’Donnell ~ Senior Story

My start to Trinity was a little more unconventional than normal. Two weeks before the first day of freshman year started I was still uncertain which high school I was going to attend. However, as soon as my mother took me into this all-girl school and I felt the welcoming atmosphere, I knew that I was going to have a great four years here. I was immediately integrated into the community and was faced with an enthusiastic community with open arms. I was nervous, as any freshman would be, only knowing one person coming in. As time went on and I began to implement myself into the community, I understood why Trinity was the right choice. The rigorous academics in the IB Diploma Programme allowed me to expand my knowledge to new horizons that I never thought possible. The multitude of extracurricular activities, including sports and clubs, allowed me to meet new people and just grow up. I knew that Trinity would prepare me to be an excellent young woman in today’s world.

Four years went by in a flash. It’s crazy. My time on the lacrosse team is almost over. I am about to leave my best friends for another four years, but this time, we won’t be together. My time as an officer of the Pep Club and a senior leader of Girls in Green (sustainability initiative) has passed and I am forever grateful for everything that those experiences have taught me. It has taught me to never be afraid to try new things, to keep an open mind, to stand up for myself and others, to have respect for my peers and authorities, to balance myself as a student and athlete, and most of all to live my life to the fullest of my capabilities. I know that in the next four years I will use everything that Trinity High School has taught me to be the best person I can be. This fall, I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am majoring in International Business. I know that even though I will not be a student at Trinity anymore, it will always be my home. 

Alexandra O’Donnell, St. Josaphat, Chicago
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Mikayla Scudiero ~ Senior Story

The process of picking which high school to attend was very difficult for me, I was afraid to make the wrong choice. The morning of the entrance exams, I took a leap of faith and took the test at Trinity. That last-minute decision was the best one I had ever made. I can confidently say that I made the right choice of attending Trinity. I have never felt more welcome and at home at any other place. By coming to Trinity I was given the confidence to talk to anybody and always voice my opinions without worrying about what people will say in return. I am able to walk the halls where students and teachers know my name and it reminds me I am exactly where I want to be. It is bittersweet leaving Trinity but I am forever thankful to the facility and staff for making me the woman I am today and giving me the tools I need to succeed in life. Trinity gave me a team, friends, and most importantly, a family. I will always cherish the friends and moments that have been made at Trinity High School. If I could give any blazer advice, I would say to get involved and savor everything before it goes by too fast. Thank you, everyone, for these last amazing 4 years!

Micayla Scudiero, Saint Luke Parish, River Forest
Indiana State University

Kavita Ram ~ Senior Story

I still remember the first day I stepped into the halls of Trinity High School as a freshman. I was a bundle of nervousness barely able to get myself from one class to the next without accidentally bumping into people and profusely apologizing in the smallest voice (I even apologized to a door when I bumped into it once!). Looking back at that seemingly dreadful day, I am amazed at how far I have come, and I could not have transformed myself in such a meaningful way without the community I have built at Trinity. Never would I have believed back then that I would be the officer of an Improv club that performed light-hearted comedy skits, hosted the Blazer Showcase, and even yodeled in front of the entire school for a comedy sketch. Trinity has given me the strength to discover a voice within me, and I now realize the true value of the bonds have built within these walls that have shaped my personal growth in such a profound way.

My participation in the IB Diploma program has been a significant part of my identity at Trinity and my comprehensive understanding of the world, but beyond that, the relationships I have formed with fellow students will always hold a special place in my heart. From frantic study sessions scribbling and screaming at diagrams on the board before a biology test to belting out the lyrics of “Don’t Stop Believin’” in the cafeteria during the last day of Spirit Week, I would not want to experience the journey we call high school with anyone else. In this enriching environment, I have learned that my opinion truly matters and that solving the complex problems of the world requires that we all take moments to listen to one another. Throughout my four years, I have seen the power of inclusivity and collaboration through how my peers truly care about the success and wellbeing of others, a quality that is unique to the all-girls experience. Trinity has given me the tools to recognize my capabilities as a young woman and to be bold enough to showcase them to the world, whether it be through my intellectual insights, music, comedy, service, or social justice.

I am so proud to be a part of the Class of 2019 especially since we have been through tough times and have also experienced countless fond moments together. I will carry with me these moments and the lessons of authenticity, empowerment, and community they brought as I move onto my next chapter at the University of Michigan. I am so grateful for the doors Trinity has opened for me both within myself and for my future, and it is so meaningful to know that I have a sisterhood to return to beyond my high school years.

I will end by reiterating a quote that our junior IB History teacher emphasized since it reminded me of our potential as a community of Blazers: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

Kavita Ram, St. Luke Grade School
University of Michigan

Destiny Dobbs ~ Senior Stories

My passion for the fascinating world of science can’t be put into words. I chose to major in Biology for many reasons, among them is my love for science and simply the beauty of it. In a world full of science all around us, I felt that it was my duty to be a part of it. I never understood why any of my first-grade classmates didn’t feel the deep, burning passion I felt for science, and at times it confused me. I was excited for every lab assignment, Bill Nye video, and group discussion that we would have. I wanted to know why everything was as it was. These questions would pop into my head every day as I’d imagine the solutions for the answers to my questions.

I remember back in my 5th-grade year, I came home with a Science and Math application from my Science teacher. He believed that I would be a great candidate for the Science and Math Excellence (SAME) Network Program at Rush University Medical Center. I was accepted into the program and have had many AWESOME, mind-blowing experiences. During my first year as a student intern, I was First Aid and CPR certified. With the second year of my internship, I had the great opportunity to work in the Pathologist Department. It was a wonderful experience that I’ll never forget! I was also able to sit in on two surgeries and learn so much about diseases as well as medical terminology.

As a career choice, I am very excited to become a Pediatric Dentist. As a kid, going to the dentist was an exciting thing for me. I loved picking out the flavored toothpaste and stickers when I had an outstanding report. My dentist was always filled with joy and that made me filled with joy too. I can do something I love and I thank God for it.

Destiny Dobbs, St. Angela Grade School, Chicago
University of Illinois at Chicago

Isabella Ramirez ~ Senior Stories

I always knew Trinity was the high school for me. When my sister graduated from here ten years ago, she talked nonstop about the love she felt for Trinity: its school spirit, the teachers, the classes. It made me want to go and so I did. After Captain Blazer’s birthday freshman year, I knew that this was the place I wanted to be. The last four years have been a blast. I’ve made new friends and done so many cool things! The single gender environment has been the best thing that could have happened to me. The excitement that students and faculty bring everyday instills confidence in even the most introverted students; I would know. The teachers care more than you can imagine, and I’ve been so inspired by so many of them. These last few days are going by so fast with IB exams and all the preparation for graduation, but I almost can’t bear to leave so soon! Trinity, you will hold my heart forever.

Isabella Ramirez, Sacred Heart, Melrose Park
Northern Illinois University

Meghan Burke ~ Senior Story

There are so few days left of my time at Trinity High School, and while the general expectation of this time would be excitement and anticipation, I can’t help but feel a wonderful sense of calmness towards the journey.  As such a sense is not a typical characteristic to me, I can only accredit this feeling to how well Trinity High School has prepared me for the future. In the four years that have passed all too fast, I learned not only how to be a successful student, but how to be a kinder person. I learned the value in being a leader, as well as the value in having an open mind. I learned that my ambitions were not only valid but that I could and must use them to be of service to others. Trinity does not merely tell girls to follow their dreams, it provides young women with the tools to do so. I see this as truth in my own life as well as my understanding of the young women I am so lucky to have as friends. Trinity has taught me how to speak and how to listen. It was here that my love for stories became an immense appreciation for literature, that my passion for the arts became a deeper understanding of the truth it can convey, and that my desire for travel became a plan to pursue International Relations at Saint Louis University. I am so thankful for Trinity High School and for the calmness that comes with knowing all that Trinity has given me.

Meghan Burke, Onahan Grade School, Chicago
Saint Louis University