Sarah Austin ~ Senior Story

Unlike most freshman walking into Trinity in August of 2013, I knew everything. I was sure that I was going to be a pro softball player and had absolute confidence that academics were going to be a nightmare.  Cafeteria food was going to be bad and my friends were going to be my friends forever.  The theater was not something I would ever be interested in, and I had not even thought about joining a club.  

Here I am four years later, not playing softball, excelling academically, with new friends, a cafeteria alumni, and the president of a club.  If high school has taught me anything, it’s taught me that there’s something to say about uncertainty, because even certainly can’t tell the future for certain.  Now, I am opening a new chapter in my book of life, and I have a whole lot of people to thank for getting me thus far.  My dad, my peers, and my teachers have put a tremendous amount of confidence in me so much that I am able to be confident in myself.  I can tell you that from my side of the story I have actively noticed that Trinity has improved the way I can present myself to the world.  I am an intelligent young lady and Trinity has helped me express that to everyone around me.  I have gained a sense of self, improved my writing and vocabulary skills and have most importantly learned to be confident in myself.

This coming fall I will be studying neuroscience and behavior at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana and will be one of the first students enrolled in the soon to be implemented neuroscience major at SMC.   I am confident that these next four years will help me grow as a person just as Trinity did these last four years.  

Sarah Austin, St. Mary Grade School, Riverside
Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, IN

K’lyn Glass~ Senior Story

Upon my arrival at Trinity High School, I never really understood what community meant. I will miss the great feeling of community at Trinity High School. Throughout my four years at Trinity High School, there have been many times in which I needed a sense of belonging. There was never a moment when I felt I couldn’t communicate with my peers or teachers when I was feeling down. The immense feeling of love and community is one I will never forget. Trinity High School has formed me into a young woman who is not afraid to connect with her community. Along with community, Trinity is a place where you are allowed to live in your truth! I have seen my fellow classmates discuss their beliefs and views in which they were highly passionate about. Even if others disagreed with their beliefs, as Trinity women we were able to discuss our opinions with knowledge and care. Going to Trinity High School has given me the ability to speak with knowledge and understanding. I have always loved to discuss difficult topics and get different points of views on them. Because Trinity is an all girls school, I believe it is important that we discuss topics that are normally not spoken of. This year a few of my peers and I created a club called SAFEE (Student Aligned for Equality & Empowerment). The club allows individuals to come and speak freely about social topics. Trinity has allowed me to blossom into a young woman who is not afraid to speak up when no one else will. These are the moments I will cherish forever.

K’lyn Glass, St. Catherine/St. Lucy Grade School
Loyola University, Chicago