Ivonne Garcia ~ Senior Story

Garcia_IvonneI remember I was very on the fence when my mom told me about Trinity High School. I remember thinking, “An all girls school? Really? I didn’t even know they still made those!?”  Today, I know I would not have become the woman I am today without attending Trinity. Trinity helped me build relationships with other students that I know will last a lifetime. Without the staff and administration I do not believe I would have found my passion for technology. Organizations such as S.W.A.T. brought me out of my shell and prepared me for an internship during my junior year, and for a future in a male-orientated career. I applied to multiple schools with the best IT programs. It was a hard decision when it came to picking what university to attend this upcoming fall. With all the inspiration and motivation from my friends and teachers at Trinity, I chose DePaul University. Being a first generation student, I felt pressure throughout my entire high school life to become successful and accomplish the goals my parents never had the opportunity to do. Trinity has prepared me for a future in Computer Science and to demonstrate to the world women can do anything!

Ivonne Garcia, St. Francis of Rome, Cicero
DePaul University, Chicago

Elizabeth Ptack ~ Senior Story

Ptack_ElizabethEver since I could remember, my plan was to attend a big university and be an English major.  However, after two summers of classes at the American Academy of Art, there was no where else I could see myself.  Trinity’s IB Art Program has really prepared me for an education and career in commercial art, and I am eternally grateful!  When I went in for my college interviews my admission counselor was amazed with Trinity’s art program.  She told me that my portfolio was more developed than most students my age.  I was accepted and enrolled after my second interview in September.  Having skipped the entire college application process was just another perk to going to my dream school!  I’ll miss Trinity a lot, especially the Theatre and Art departments.  But don’t worry, my sister will be a freshman in six short years!

Elizabeth Ptack, St. Celestine Grade School
American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois

Brittany Zanazaro ~ Senior Story

Zanazaro_BrittanyOver the past four years at Trinity, I have noticed a change in myself because of the friends that I have made throughout the years. Upon entering Trinity, I had a very-low self-esteem from grade school, but going into college, I feel like I can handle any situation that is thrown my way. Getting into Loras College in Dubuque Iowa was a dream come true from the moment I had my first campus visit. When they say you have a feeling when you look around, I felt like I could imagine myself spending the next four years of my education there. Coming from Trinity, I feel like I might be able to empower other women in college to not let the men boss them around and answer all the questions that the professor asks. I will be sad to leave my friends that I have made in Theater and in the Trinity community, but I know that we will stay in contact because of the strong bonds that we have made.

Brittany Zanazaro, St. Francis Borgia School, Chicago
Loras College, Dubuque Iowa

Adrianna Bosco ~ Senior Story

Bosco_AdrianaChoosing to attend Trinity High School was the best decision I have ever made.Through the all girl environment I matured into a strong, confident young woman over the past four years. Trinity has truly made me believe in myself and that I can accomplish anything. Because of the IB program, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be prepared for college courses next year as I head off to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Although I am very excited to embark on a new journey, I am sad to say goodbye. Trinity is a place that I will always consider home. I am so thankful to have been apart of such a supportive and loving community. My unique high school experience is what will set me apart from other students in college. I am grateful for all Trinity has done for me and I will forever cherish my time here.

Adrianna Bosco, St. Vincent School, Elmwood Park
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alexandra Koziol ~ Senior Story

Koziol_AlexandraWhether it be from laughing with your friends at lunch, seeing a student pick up a book that was dropped by their classmate in the hallway, or receiving encouragement and support from teachers in the classroom, there is no other school that contains as much love as Trinity.  Not only does this sense of community reign within the hallways and classrooms of the school, but carries onto the fields, courts, and stages of extracurricular activities that Trinity students are involved in. The confidence that Trinity has instilled in me is a quality that I could not be anymore grateful for. I feel empowered to conquer any obstacle that may lie before me within my college career and adulthood.

Trinity has provided me with countless opportunities both in and out of the classroom, specifically those I received from the rigorousness of the IB program and the lessons I have learned on the softball field, and it is undeniable that the friendships and memories that have been made within this school will be lifelong.

Alexandra Koziol, St. Daniel the Prophet, Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reilly Creaden ~ Senior Story

Creaden_ReillySome may think applying to only one college is quite a big risk to take, I on the other had found it to be the best option for me.  I fell in love with Colorado State the second I stepped foot on campus. As I went on the campus tour, I pictured myself in every building and work out facility we saw on the tour. I knew that going to a college in Colorado would mean being far away from home but it didn’t matter because CSU felt like home.  After applying and getting accepted I didn’t bother applying to any other colleges because I was just one step closer to making my dream college come true.


Reilly Creaden, St Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge
Colorado State University

Sarah Ferri ~ Senior Story

Ferri_SarahI was playing it really safe with my college applications and only applying to schools I knew I would get into. When I went to ask Mrs. Mroz for a letter of recommendation, she asked me to consider applying to a reach school. I decided to go for it, I didn’t have anything to lose. I ended up applying to New York University. I got into the other five schools I applied to, but still hadn’t heard from NYU. Finally, the day they send out admissions decisions came around. I had zero expectations about what would happen. I was out with a friend when I received an email from the school, and to my complete surprise I was accepted into their social work program. While I won’t be attending NYU, I don’t have to wonder “what if” when it comes to taking the chance and seeing how far I can go thanks to a really awesome teacher.


Sarah Ferri, St. Daniel the Prophet, Chicago
Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin


Olivia Maher ~ Senior Story

Maher_OliviaBefore I got to Wooster, I had already been on seven college tours.  I did not know anything about the school.  My mom and I were taking a trip to Ohio to look at three different colleges.  The second college we were going to visit was Wooster.  About half an hour outside of the town I suddenly got a really weird feeling, like I was going home.  I didn’t tell my mom about it because I did not know what it meant at that point.  We drove into town and onto the campus.  Our tour was the next day but we decided to take a look around.  As soon as we got out of the car I fell in love.  There were so many trees! Much more than on any other campus I had visited.  As we walked around I could tell that both my mom and I were falling in love, but once again we decided not to jinx it and tried to stay calm.  Our tour the next day was everything I wanted.  The Vice Principal gave a speech to all the prospective students and he reminded me so much of Sister Michelle that I felt right at home.  So I guess I can say that I fell in love with my college even before I really knew that much about it, but everything I did learn on that tour and up to this point has made me so excited to start as a student there next year.

Olivia Maher, Hauser Junior High, Riverside
College of Wooser, Wooster, Ohio

Alexandra Yamane ~ Senior Story

Yamane_AlexandraIn August 2012, I walked into Trinity as a shy and insecure freshman. All throughout elementary and junior high school, I was never the type of student who raised her hand often to volunteer to read or even just answer a simple question. Thankfully, my time at Trinity has allowed me to change for the better. Four years ago, the community of students and teachers welcomed me with warm smiles and positive attitudes. Ever since my freshman year, I have grown into a strong and confident young woman, and I owe credit to the opportunities Trinity High School has provided me. As an officer of the SADD Club, I have realized that I have the awesome qualities it takes to be a leader. Because of the challenging classes and helpful teachers at Trinity, I feel prepared to undertake the college work that will be presented to me in the fall. My time at Trinity has allowed me to truly accept myself and recognize the good qualities I possess; for this, I am incredibly grateful.

Alexandra Yamane, Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Park Ridge
Illinois State University, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Marianna Sanchez – Senior Story

Sanchez_MariannaMy acceptance story is probably one of my favorite stories to tell. I will be attending Saint Mary’s College in the fall as a biology major. Saint Mary’s has always been my number one choice and is very important to my family. I was born committed to Saint Mary’s College as my sister is a proud Belle and I know Trinity has truly prepared me well for my journey. I was not influenced to go to Saint Mary’s even though we spent plenty of time there during my childhood. I still enjoy visiting and The Avenue never fails to make me feel at home. I started my application when it opened in August and had it turned in by September. Saint Mary’s was the only school I could ever see myself at so I did not turn in any other applications despite constant instructions to make a plan B. Saint Mary’s was my plan A, my only plan, I was determined to keep it that way. In December I received my acceptance letter and instantly sent in my deposit. It was a birthday present from Saint Mary’s that I will forever cherish.

Marianna Sanchez
St. Mary’s College, South Bend Indiana