Cate Cahill ~ Senior Story

In 1952, Maureen Murphy walked the stage and earned her high school diploma. She’s been wearing her Trinity pride for over 70 years. Flash forward those 70 some years, her granddaughter Cate Cahill walks the stage to receive her own diploma. I am Cate Cahill. While I lived through my own experience as a Trinity High School student, I recognize my grandmother throughout my 4 years here as a young woman.

I would have never imagined traveling one hour every weekday for 4 years to receive an education, but here I am; from Canaryville, Chicago, to River Forest. Even though the distance, I was able to join athletic teams. Freshman to junior year, I played lacrosse, was nominated as JV captain sophomore year, and for all four years, I played tennis, being nominated JV captain sophomore year and one of the Varsity captains senior year. I graduated my small K-8th-grade grammar school as the Student Body President. Years before I was consecutively nominated as a student council officer. My pursuit of leadership possibilities continued at Trinity. On top of being nominated as a sports captain, I was placed on Senior Class Council, lead shadows my freshman and sophomore year, lead families on open house tours, and was even asked to be a counselor for Trinity’s Passport Summer Camp. I owe it all to my teachers and family.

In all of my years at Trinity, there has always been a teacher on my side. They challenged me in ways that would ultimately prepare me for what’s to come in the next chapter of my life at Augustana College. Mrs. McBride taught me to be kind towards everyone. Ms. Mezyk showed me that I know more than I gave myself credit for. Mrs. Klein made me aware of the impact I have on my peers and society. Mrs. Bennett taught me to work collectively with my peers and to always consider different ways to approach situations. I apply these concepts in and out of the classroom and it makes a difference in every interaction I have with anyone I encounter.

My family, likewise, raised me to be aware of all of those concepts I was particularly exposed to at Trinity, but mostly, through love and support, they taught me to always be myself. No matter what, my family provided me with limitless opportunities. As a musician, they support me at every gig, whether it’s in Canaryville, Barrington, or at the Blazer Showcase, they’ve been there. Since I don’t have my driver’s license, my mom, dad, and brother have driven me to events. They made my 4 years at Trinity memorable. They took the time out of their busy days to make sure I took advantage of the little time I had with my class before our time together came to a close. Because of them, I’m eternally grateful; they allowed me to pursue Trinity, they support me unconditionally, and they’ve loved and been proud of me for all that I’ve accomplished while at Trinity.

As this year comes a close, I won’t see the remarkable friends I’ve made at Trinity every day, but it’s okay. They’re all going their own paths in different directions; from Oregon to Washington D. C., from California to Illinois. However, our memories will never fade. Throughout these 4 years, I saw my friends and acquaintances find themselves through opportunities Trinity provided. I saw my classmates challenging, teaching, and learning from each other. I saw each young woman inspired by the next. I saw a community like no other that I am eternally grateful to be a part of. Trinity changed my life. It brought me hope, strength, knowledge, and compassion. I owe my success beyond the walls of this school to this beautiful community.

Cate Cahill, Mark Sheridan Grade School, Chicago
Augustana College,