Casey Knusta ~ Senior Story

When I first started at Trinity, I would have never imagined going to college anywhere out of state, and now I will be attending Washington State University, all the way on the west coast. Trinity has taught me to overcome any obstacles that life may throw at me and to take advantage of any opportunities that I am offered. When people ask what high school I attend, they are surprised to hear that I travel all the way to River Forest every morning. I am from the south side of Chicago, and I live near Guaranteed Rate Field where the Chicago White Sox play. It is a 45-minute drive every day going to and from school. They ask me “why did you choose to go to Trinity?”, I say that you will never find a school that truly teaches you what family is. I consider Trinity to be my 2nd home where I found my lifelong friends. I would not trade my experiences at Trinity for the world because it has made me into the strong and independent woman I am today and showed me what true sisterhood represents. 

Casey Knusta, Mark Sheridan, Chicago
Washington State University