Carmelita Ponce ~ Senior Story

Ponce_Carmelita“Trinity High School empowers young women to be leaders who embody knowledge, faith, and strength.” 

After four years at Trinity High School, I completely agree with this statement. Trinity has instilled values I do not think I would learn in another environment. The most valuable lesson I believe I have learned at Trinity is to be empowered as a woman. At a co-ed school, I don’t believe I would have the confidence and leadership I have gained.

Walking in to high school freshmen year, I never thought I would be going to college for free. Because of the many opportunities Trinity has offered me, I was able to be awarded a scholarship, a full ride to Northeastern Illinois University. With Trinity, I feel prepared for college and feel confident in my future success.

Overall, walking in as a shy insecure girl looking for who she is, I am walking out as a strong independent woman who is ready to conquer any obstacles thrown my way.

Carmelita Ponce, Immaculate Conception Grade School, Chicago
Northeastern University, Chicago