Camilla Czajka ~ Senior Story

As my senior year at Trinity comes to an end, I catch myself reminiscing over the many memories Trinity has brought me. My first and fondest memory at Trinity was before I even started my high school career. I came to an open house and was very hesitant to like my experience. I made it quite clear to my mom that I was not going to go to an all girl school. That opinion changed right after I met Sister Michelle. My mom and I walked into room 104 and Sister Michelle began her speech on why every girl should come to Trinity. Her enthusiasm captivated me. I knew in that instant that I belonged here. There has never been a day where I regret my decision. Every teacher that I have encountered throughout the years has shaped me into the woman I have become. I have transformed from a sassy teenager into a confident young woman. The confidence I have gained from high school has led me to pursue a career in Computer Science. The many words of encouragement and strong belief of women empowerment has led me to believe I can achieve whatever it is I put my heart to. I am grateful for all the friendships, opportunities, and memories I was blessed with for the past four years.

Camilla Czajka, Ascension Grade School, Oak Park
Illinois State University