Bryanna Tapia ~ Senior Stories

When I started looking at high schools, I never imagined myself at an all-girl school. However, I also never imagined myself at another school. Starting my freshman year, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect at all. I was a shy and quiet girl who never spoke up in class. Trinity has helped me grow into the much more confident person I am today. I’ve come far from being that shy and quiet girl, though some people might argue that I still am. Every time someone asks me where I go to high school I always say “Trinity High School” with the biggest smile on my face. When people also ask me if I love it, my eyes light up and I say “yes, very much” and go on to tell them how much I love Trinity. I am proud to say that I will soon be a graduate of such an awesome school. As my time at Trinity comes to an end, it is a bittersweet feeling for me. I am very sad that I will have to leave what I have come to know as my second home, but I am also happy to start the next phase of my life. Trinity has given me the opportunity to figure out who I am. It helped me find my love for dance by being a part of the Trinity Dance Team for four years, being a member of the Blazerette Dance Club and being a member of the 2019 IB Dance senior class. Trinity also introduced me to my amazing classmates. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Four years ago I decided to attend what I thought was the best high school, now I know that Trinity was the best choice for me. Trinity has prepared me for the next four years as I attend Marquette University. Trinity is truly like no other and these past four years have been the best.

Bryanna Tapia, St. Frances of Rome, Cicero
Marquette University, Chick Evans Scholar