Brittany Zanazaro ~ Senior Story

Zanazaro_BrittanyOver the past four years at Trinity, I have noticed a change in myself because of the friends that I have made throughout the years. Upon entering Trinity, I had a very-low self-esteem from grade school, but going into college, I feel like I can handle any situation that is thrown my way. Getting into Loras College in Dubuque Iowa was a dream come true from the moment I had my first campus visit. When they say you have a feeling when you look around, I felt like I could imagine myself spending the next four years of my education there. Coming from Trinity, I feel like I might be able to empower other women in college to not let the men boss them around and answer all the questions that the professor asks. I will be sad to leave my friends that I have made in Theater and in the Trinity community, but I know that we will stay in contact because of the strong bonds that we have made.

Brittany Zanazaro, St. Francis Borgia School, Chicago
Loras College, Dubuque Iowa