Austyn Smith ~ Senior Story

Trinity has had a huge impact on my life. When I first started at Trinity High School, I was very shy and not share much with anyone. Now I am outgoing and I not afraid to share with anyone. The students, faculty, and staff members all helped by accepting me for who I am. They
motivated and encouraged me to be the best I can possibly be and I am extremely thankful for everyone. I am proud to call myself a Blazer. Trinity not only provides the students with a great education but is a great community. Blazers are awesome, athletic in different ways, and strong leaders who embody knowledge, faith, and strength. No matter where I go or what happens in my future, I will always remember the Trinity community. I will miss all of the faculty and staff who made an impact on my education, as well as my friends who supported me along the way. So, thank you to the whole Trinity community for these AWESOME four years! 

Austyn Smith, St. Luke School
Triton College