Ashlen Trapalis ~ Senior Story

If you would have told my grade school self where I would be right now because of Trinity, I wouldn’t believe you. Of course, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to tell you that, but I would have thought it anyway. Come on, how could one school change a person so much in four short years? How could someone who was voted “Most Quiet” in eighth grade pursue a new career on the stage in high school and beyond? It’s simple, really: I went to Trinity. Students, faculty, and staff here have provided me with unwavering support as I embarked on my journey to discover my inner talents and weirdness that I never even knew existed. I can still remember my first day of summer school, before I was even a freshman, as I stepped onto the CTA bus and cried a little as I feared for missing my stop to get to Trinity. I remember quickly learning that there was nothing to worry about; I was at the place I was supposed to be. I still take an hour bus ride to school every day, now on a Trinity bus, and although I often wish I could sleep in on some mornings, I really don’t regret it for a second. The love, support, and opportunities that I’ve received here haven’t transformed me into an entirely new person, but rather the person I was always supposed to be. 

Ashlen Trapalis, St. Thecla Grade School, Chicago
Case Western Reserve University, Ohio