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1940's Radio Show

1940's Radio Play featuring "It's A Wonderful Life"

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Trinity High School 1940’s Radio Hour Credits

Fine & Performing Arts Department
Chair: Pam Costello 
Anslee Rainwater 
Nikki Renfroe 
Christy Smith

It’s A Wonderful Life:  A Radio Play 
Director: Anslee Rainwater 
Technical Director & Designer: Pat Henderson 
Assistant Technical Director: John Nichols III
Assistant Director: Annaylse Gallo 

Lighting Crew
Cayenne Alvarez
Mary Raya

Sound Crew
Rebecca Shelley 
Merissa Mix 

Backstage Manager 
Itzel Sanchez 

Set Crew
Isabella Burgos 
Sofia Calicadan 
Alyssa Cruz
Olivia Maloy 

Costume Crew 
Rosalie Chappell
Grace Fangmann 
Meg Fangmann 
Maisy Keith
Sophia McAleer-Forte
Jorey Reyes 
Katarina Sheirok 
Alexandra Woods

Foley Artist- Mikayla Aquino
Rose Bailey & Ensemble- Aeryn Chapman 
Clarence- Claire Costello 
Mrs. Potter- Ruth Fangmann 
Uncle Billy & ensemble- Giana Gallo
George- Ericka Kantor
Mary- Sarah Kopecky
Sam & Ensemble- Fiona Laffey 
Foley Artist- Victoria Martinez 
Announcer- Ellie McCampbell 
Peter & Ensemble- Josephine Mendoza 
Foley Artist- Miranda Santamaria 
Violet & Ensemble- Paige Smith 
Josephine & Ensemble- Celia Urbinati


IB Dance:
Alexandra Burdick
Nora Clements
Kara Gorman
Faith Herman
Rori Hill
Megha Kurian
Fiona Laffey
Emily Montelongo
Rachel Powers
Karina Valdes
Dance Club: 
Faith Herman
Arianna LaRocco
Natalie Schroeder

Angelina Caruso
Rosalie Chappell
Sarah Koepecky 
Fiona Lundt  
Angelica Ochoa 
Jorey Reyes 

Visual Artists
Poster Artist: 
Zethiana Vargas 

Audition Notice Artist:
Callah Barnes 

 Special Thanks
Administration & Maintenance at Trinity High School 
Corky Yaccino 
Kerry Cunningham 

Trinity's 1940's Radio Hour Featuring "It's A Wonderful Life"

Trinity High School's Fine & Performing Arts department is pivoting this Christmas season in light of the pandemic to present a 1940’s Holiday Radio Hour featuring It’s A Wonderful Life. This new and exciting production is the school’s way of showcasing the students’ talents to the Trinity community in a safe and creative way.
“When brainstorming what could possibly be done safely, we were well aware that most performing arts departments have chosen to wait it out until the spring or to choose purely online performance options,” says Trinity High School’s Director of Theater and Music, Anslee Rainwater. “For some, these are the correct choices, but for Trinity, we have the space, the staff, and the talent and work-ethic in our student body to really, truly try something brand new.”
The radio show is a popular performance option for numerous theaters around the world, showing not only the impressive characterizations of their actors, but also the art of Foley tables and the creation of famous radio sounds. Unable to host a live audience, the department decided they could take the radio show concept and shape it into what the students needed. This show will include commercial breaks filled with singing, dancing and improvisation, as well as an intermission that will showcase visual artists.  Every Fine & Performing Arts discipline at Trinity will be represented.
Under the direction of Anslee Rainwater, the theater program has been able to adapt fully to the constraints created by the pandemic. On top of the performance aspect, the sets, lights, sound, and costumes are student made and run by the technical theater department. The radio show will be fully produced as if there was a packed house and the department has taken all proper precautions to make this pre-taped show a safe possibility. Between setting the students’ paintings six feet apart and entering the costume closets one at a time, or even modifying the light board to ensure social distancing, they have thought of it all. The students’ willingness to explore new and exciting directions speaks to their dedication to the arts.
“Is this everything I dreamed about when thinking of my first show here at Trinity? No, it isn’t. But God’s plans are always greater than our own, and this plan seems to be going very well,” says Ms. Rainwater. “Those grand musicals with a hundred students on stage will come, and they will be sure to impress, but this show is impressive in its own way.”
The 1940’s Holiday Radio Hour featuring It’s A Wonderful Life will be taped and available online in December. It will be a memorable production to share with families, across quarantines and states, bringing community members together to showcase the amazing talents of Trinity’s students, as well as their perseverance and creativity.