Art Club Visits Belmont Village

Trinity’s Art Club took a trip to Belmont Village in Oak Park last week and did a painting workshop with the residents. The subject matter was flowers, and everyone had a great time creating art together and visiting with each other.
The residents and students were trading paintings and stories by the end of the workshop. The results were amazing, and the Trinity Art Club members cannot wait to go back for another visit!

Some of the students reflected on their experience…

Sophomore, Jackie Trujillo: “People can really express themselves through art. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of their past, to hear their achievements and to talk about the silly things they did when they were younger. Art isn’t just art. It’s a form of connecting with others and communicating with them.”

Sophomore, Selena Gonzalez: “I had one of the most awesome experiences ever. We went to Belmont Village and painted with the sweetest people. I learned from Ken, ‘You just have to do it!’ I’m still excited about our visit and feel like going back more often. It was beyond wonderful, and everyone left with a big smile on their face.”

Junior, Laura Francisco: “I felt like I was helping and making connections with people I never would have thought to meet otherwise. I really enjoyed myself and cannot wait to go back!”

Check out the photos~