Anyssa Iliopoulos ~ Senior Story

Iliopoulos_Anyssa For me, the college process started well before senior year.  I started looking at colleges going into my sophomore year as I started the recruiting process for softball.  The process was very stressful, but it was so worth it when I finally got an offer from Rutgers University and accepted it.  I’m so excited to get the opportunity to play softball at such a competitive level.  I think that Trinity has really prepared me for college.  From my IB classes to my college prep classes, my teachers always pushed me to do my best work and challenged me in class.  My teachers have always been there when I needed them for anything. The Class of 2016 truly feels like a big family.  We’re all supportive of each other and have gotten along pretty well our past four years here, and that’s pretty special.


Anyssa Iliopoulos, Leigh Elementary School, Norridge
Rutgers University, New Jersey