Alexandra Yamane ~ Senior Story

Yamane_AlexandraIn August 2012, I walked into Trinity as a shy and insecure freshman. All throughout elementary and junior high school, I was never the type of student who raised her hand often to volunteer to read or even just answer a simple question. Thankfully, my time at Trinity has allowed me to change for the better. Four years ago, the community of students and teachers welcomed me with warm smiles and positive attitudes. Ever since my freshman year, I have grown into a strong and confident young woman, and I owe credit to the opportunities Trinity High School has provided me. As an officer of the SADD Club, I have realized that I have the awesome qualities it takes to be a leader. Because of the challenging classes and helpful teachers at Trinity, I feel prepared to undertake the college work that will be presented to me in the fall. My time at Trinity has allowed me to truly accept myself and recognize the good qualities I possess; for this, I am incredibly grateful.

Alexandra Yamane, Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Park Ridge
Illinois State University, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois