Alexandra Koziol ~ Senior Story

Koziol_AlexandraWhether it be from laughing with your friends at lunch, seeing a student pick up a book that was dropped by their classmate in the hallway, or receiving encouragement and support from teachers in the classroom, there is no other school that contains as much love as Trinity.  Not only does this sense of community reign within the hallways and classrooms of the school, but carries onto the fields, courts, and stages of extracurricular activities that Trinity students are involved in. The confidence that Trinity has instilled in me is a quality that I could not be anymore grateful for. I feel empowered to conquer any obstacle that may lie before me within my college career and adulthood.

Trinity has provided me with countless opportunities both in and out of the classroom, specifically those I received from the rigorousness of the IB program and the lessons I have learned on the softball field, and it is undeniable that the friendships and memories that have been made within this school will be lifelong.

Alexandra Koziol, St. Daniel the Prophet, Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign