Alexa Valencia ~ Senior Story

Valencia_Alexa“I guess you could say shocked, overwhelmed, excitement, sadness, joy, grateful, and many other emotions you feel when you see your first college acceptance letter. I was mostly shocked because I actually got accepted into a college. I am the first in my family to go to college which means that all eyes are on me. In college, every class, second, day, and month all count for my family. If I’m not trying, that means I gave up. But if I’m on the verge of tears and want to rip my hair out, then that means I am definitely trying. However, being the first to go to college means that I am given a wonderful opportunity to explore the world and “expand your horizons”, as my teachers would say. High school is a time to find yourself and where you think you belong in the world. College is where you are given many opportunities to find your place in the world and show off the knowledge that you have previously gained. Many are not given a chance to go to college, which is why I will always be grateful for this wonderful opportunity.”


Alexa Valencia, St. Bruno Grade School, Chicago
College of DuPage